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SAT; Always essential to tell the truth? Or should lie under special circumstances?

Rose96 1 / -  
Jan 25, 2013   #1
Is it always essential to tell the truth, or are there circumstances in which it is better to lie?

This case might raise questions over it; Are we always supposed to tell the truth or lie for the best sometimes? Though lies will never be the best thing to do, I prefer to call it courtesy which is what people are recently doing; not realizing this might be leading us to the worst. When truth and courtesy converges this cause an aberration state, I've marked that truth is decreasing rapidly it's almost abated. This is totally wrong because telling the truth is always the right thing to do.

As an educated people we should not get puzzle over telling the truth or lying while sometimes empathy is needed like what happened in Frankenstein, everyone was running away from the creature Frankenstein made telling him he's ugly and disgusting, In these situations people need to be canny and wise so they can choose the right words to say, trying not to hurt others with their opinion, this would help the world stop bullying too.

Even in companies when the boss is not satisfied with the work, he gets confused. Should he lie to the workers and tell them they've done well? Or should he just tell them the truth? When he decides that truth is the best way, he should review his words to get to his point which is telling them that the work they've done isn't good enough without foiling them; well he only needs to use nice words such as this quote "Failure is the best was to success" this would turn them on and work harder than they did before.

In the other hand truth is dismissed in a lot of relationships too, when boys pretend and act like they're the ones, therefore they're being liars and at the end this cause a fight and break up lately. Then girls say their famous quote "Hurt me with the truth instead of comforting me with a lie".

Another live example the celebrity Justin Bieber, His mom chose not to lie to him in anything, even when was little kid she told him the truth about Santa Clause case she had told him that Santa doesn't exist which is hard for little kids to know this sometimes, also about his parents' divorce case unlike other parents did and let their sons live in a mirage that everything is going well; they didn't lie to him.

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