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How ethanol fuel is produced by corn

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May 3, 2021   #1

production of ethanol fuel from corn

The diagram describe various stages in the production of ethanol fuel from corn. The process consists of eight main steps beginning with the corn stored and finishing with transporting.

At the beginning of the process corn after carefully harvested, it is put into storage. After this is taken to mill, adding the water is required during the corn milling process, the milling productions cooked in 4 hours. At the next step of the process, it is fermented within 2 days then separated to liquid and solid by-product. The liquid is used in this process of making ethanol fuel and solid by-product part is used for another purpose. The progress continues with the liquid part which is purified ethanol into 5 hours. After this has been done, the produce is stored and then it is transported, products are distributed to retailers and consumers, which marks the final stage of the process.
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May 4, 2021   #2
Complete your image reference in relation to the diagram.There are several types of diagrams you could have referred to. Properly identifying the diagram in relation to the report would help show an increased English vocabulary, allowing for a better LR score. Remember that you are writing for a specific academic audience sothe use advanced academic words will be helpful to your score.

The task 1 essay requires a minimum of 3 paragraphs. While you have met the 150 minimum word requirement in this presentation, the presentation format is incorrect due to the required 3 paragraph presentation. This is an error that will affect the T A score. Now, due tothe lack of image in your presentation, I cannot advance with reviewing your essay. The image is a necessary tool for me to completely review your work and offer relevant observations and advice. Kindly remember to provide the image next time . That is, if you wish to receive further advice and corrections from me.

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