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Evaluate viable solutions to the problem of workplace stress.

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Could anyone give me some feedback about my essay? Thank you and have a good day!

reducing stress at work

As a large number of employees have worked in highly competitive companies, several problems of workplace stress can be anticipated. Although the excessive stress from the workplace is seen as negative for psychological reasons, there are several ways to reduce the workplace stress. This essay will evaluate viable solutions to the problem of workplace stress. It will examine useful methods including flexible working arrangements and creating anti-harassment department.

Employees are able to reduce stress coming from the workplace through flexible working arrangements. Companies should implement flexible working programs so that workers are able to decide the locations of work. In addition, employees can change the working hours from day shift to night shift if they need to take care of their children or family in the morning. As a result, the method of flexible working arrangements help employees alleviate the stress from workplace. One possible drawback of the working arrangements is that supervisors may find it difficult to manage employees. However, companies can ask employees to report work progress weekly. Therefore, the workplace stress is likely to be alleviated due to using the method of flexible working arrangements.

Another possible strategy to reduce workplace stress is to create an anti-harassment department. Companies should create an independent department which would regulate strict policies to help workers prevent office harassment. Those who do not follow the policies would be dismissed by companies. In addition, the independent department would protect victims' privacy so the victims are more likely to be willing to take action. Therefore, the workplace stress resulting from office harassment can be reduced due to implementing the anti-harassment department. Nevertheless, it could be argued that companies should cost amount of money to make sure the department running as usual. However, it is believed that the anti-harassment department can make a positive contribution to companies in the long run because workers are likely to pay more attention to their jobs instead of being afraid of stress from office harassment.

In conclusion, the priority of any companies should be to implement several useful methods to deal with the problems of workplace stress and assist employees to focus on their work as well. Useful strategies should include flexible working arrangements and creating the anti-harassment department. It is believed that these methods are able to alleviate many workplace issues. Instead of maximising their profits, companies should find out several potential reasons why employees are under heavy workplace stress.

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