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Evaluation on a lesson in the Alive-03 religious education book

superkaytee 10 / 30  
Mar 22, 2007   #1
Hi i am writing an evaluation on a lesson in the Alive-03 religious education book.Its called Follow me and i have to evaluate it in terms of theme, content and methodology in light of moral eduaction.

I have started and would like if you could read it and see if im on the right track and give some feedback as im not very religious myself and dont want to make any mistakes to offend the lecturer!!Thanks in advance.

In this assignment, I aim to evaluate an Alive-O lesson in terms of theme, content, methodology and resources in the light of the moral development of the child in which the programme is aimed towards. I chose to evaluate the lesson 'Follow Me' from Term 3, Lesson 4 in Alive-03 aimed at third class.

The theme of the lesson 'Follow Me' is being followers of Jesus, acting like Jesus and doing what Jesus would like us to do. This lesson explores with the children the Church as people of God. This aims to explore the significance of Jesus' words to deepen their understanding of answering Jesus' call.

Children need to balance their moral decisions and decide what is morally right or wrong in their choices they make at home or school. Within the content of this lesson it includes the song 'Peter Remembers', the lesson reflects the choices we make regarding people. How we judge people on the outside is a moral choice- a choice whether to be friendly or prejudice. We as followers of Jesus have to remember that Jesus loves everybody regardless of personality, body size or disabilities. Or those who have made mistakes in their lives. The goodness comes from when we reconnect with Jesus. Jesus saw the inner beauty of people and to follow in Jesus' way means not judging people on the outside. It doesn't matter what mistakes a person has made, if they are truly sorry then we should forgive them and live in harmony.

Children go through different stages of moral development. Jean Piaget outlines the first stage as being 'The Moral Realism Stage'. This is where children consider the rules as fixed and the consequences of actions are the responsibility of the authoritive figure.If teachers want children to forgive others then they need to model this behaviour in the classroom as this encourages them to make moral decisions on their own.

The methodology of this section of the lesson, is to treat others how you would like them to treat you.
The lesson also includes a story based n John 21:1-13,19.This story emphasises the moral decision of Jesus to feed the five thousand with twelve loaves and two fishes.The relevanc of the story is to highlight Jesus as a moral person, doing what is right and helping others. This story show's Jesus' call to Peter, how goodness can be done for other people, not just doing a good deed just to be thanked for it. In sequence to the story, a poem 'Called', emphasises how Jesus calls us.

'I was sent-I went'.
It identifies how Jesus gives us our call and how we can follow in the words of Jesus.The poem also helps children to realise that they can hear the call of Jesus if they give themselves a chance to hear it.

EF_Team2 1 / 1,709  
Mar 22, 2007   #2

I'd be glad to give you my impressions, although it's a little difficult to know how well your analysis follows the lesson without having read the lesson.

You present the theme clearly, relate the content of the lesson, and state the methodology as being essentially the same thing as the theme. I would have thought "methodology" would refer more to methods of teaching than what the substance of the lesson was.

Here are some editing tips:
"Within the content of this lesson it includes the song 'Peter Remembers', the lesson reflects the choices we make regarding people." - A run-on sentence; also, instead of "within the content of the lesson it includes" just say "The lesson includes the song 'Peter Remembers'."

"This story shows Jesus' call to Peter; how goodness..."

Be sure to run your essay through spell-checker; you have some typos.

Best of luck in your studies!


Sarah, EssayForum.com

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