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IELTS - Everyone should become vegetarian because meat not guarantees a healthy diet.

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May 31, 2021   #1


In this day and age, the topic of vegetarianism is an issue of considerable concern. While I accept that this trend can help people live healthily, I would argue that meat is a necessary factor for people's physical health.

Those who are in favour of being vegetarian point to some clear benefits. It cannot be denied that there are a variety of vegetables and fruits which provide enough nutrition to people's body. For instance, potatoes and beans can bring enough calories in a meal instead of having more meat. Additionally, some fruits contain vitamins which is significantly beneficial for people's health and this can help to avoid illness. Regarding the ethical part, some people choose not to eat meat because they don't believe in killing animals for food when there are other ways to meet their nutrition needs. As a result, consuming meat has become less necessary.

There is, however, room for flexibility in the sense that meat is the key factor in people's meals. It is vital to understand that meat is a lucrative source of protein which is essential to building muscle mass. For example, athletes should not be vegetarian because they have to practice many heavy exercises so they need to consume meat which supply enough nutrient and calories for their muscles. One should be mentioned that it is unadvisible for children to become vegetarian as they are in the period of growing up and they have to eat various types of food to develop physically.

In conclusion, although being a vegetarian has a huge number of benefits, having some meat in daily meals has some plus points that cannot be denied.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,721 3789  
Jun 1, 2021   #2
I would argue that ... physical health.

Arguing is not the correct response for the given extent question. To what degree doyou disagree with the statement? Totally? If yes, then you should have stated it. Remember that your English understanding skills are considered based on the validity of your response and opinion. You cannot argue without the measured response presentation first. That means,totally disagree first then use the arguement presentation as the supporting thisin statement. The result? A guaranteed clear extent response and clear opinion that will get a maximized TA score.

Those who are in favour ... clear benefits.

You disagree with the vegetarians so do not defend their point of view. The idea behind this discussion is to use 2 valid reasons that proves the vegetarian reasoning is incorrect. By defending their position, you alter the discussion requirement from single opinion to comparative. Rendering your opinion invalid since you are now uncertain of it due to this vegetarian agreement paragraph. You have created a confusing discussion that now lowers an otherwise good starting TA score. Remember, the instruction is for a single opinion discussion. No part of the original prompt required a comparative discussion.

You might not recieve a passing score due to the conflicting response format. You can only be scored for the parts supporting your opinion, which will not be enough to meet the minimum word requirement without an additional supporting paragraph.
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Jun 8, 2021   #3
a know-how to get higher point is that you should follow a certain layout and your good grammar and vocab is essential.

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