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It is evident that there is an increasing disinterest in the practice of having meals with family

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Jul 21, 2021   #1

Writing task 2 : family meals

Topic: The tradition that the family gets together to eat meals is disappearing. What are the reasons? What are the impacts?

My essay:

In this day and age, it is evident that there is an increasing disinterest in the practice of having meals with family. This essay discusses some remarkable reasons and their effects.

There are two chief factors responsible for the disappearance of the family meals. Firstly, this issue is attributed to adult's excessive concentration on work. Because money is a constant source of worry and material desire is endless, people, particularly parents tend to be more assiduous hoping to get more money. Their lineups seem not to consist of mealtimes with their beloved ones. Moreover, they usually eat out with their co-workers, clients, and even skip their lunch and dinner. Furthermore, the emergence of food apps offering hundreds of choices allows people to pick their preferred dishes shortly without wasting time cooking deliberately. Therefore, family mealtimes become less crucial to them.

Some fundamental influence could be anticipated. First, if this trend continues, close-knit families will no longer exist. Children and parents would be less close and the family bonding could deteriorate. As a consequence, getting inadequate concerns from parents can cause kid's misconduct and even society vices. In addition, if people abuse the apps and eat a lot of ordered food, they could consume redundant unhealthy food and do not have a balanced diet. This could lead to some detrimental health conditions relating to cardiovascular disease and obesity.

In conclusion, the fact that people tend not to eat with their family stems from overloaded work and convenience of technology in the hustle life. This situation could lead to unwanted impacts on family affection, children, and their health as well.
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Jul 22, 2021   #2
The restatement of the topic is offering a personal opinion in the first sentence. This is not an accepted part of the original topic restatement This is an opinion that was never implied in the original statement. It will be considered a topic alteration and lower the score. The lack of proper direct responses to the questions do not meet the paragraph response requirement either as there are no direct answers in relation to the body paragraphs provided. The restatement paragraph fails to deliver on discussion expectations as no clear discussion flow is provided.

The actual response paragraphs helped to save the presentation. The answers are relevant, explained well enough, and carry appropriate examples. However, improper word placement in the sentences tend to affect the clarity of the presentation. The essay is still understandable though and should be graded positively by the examiner.

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