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'Examinations'; A good teacher should assign homework. Agree or disagree?

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Sep 2, 2008   #1
Examinations have become an effective method to test the student's capabilities. To pass the exam, we [ it is OK with this pronoun?] always need a good preparation. It comes as no surprise to me that a good teacher should assign homework, otherwise, give students more opportunities to practice.

First of all, homework, in some case, can be considered as the pressure that makes students less lazy. For example, instead of playing computer games all day ( Is there another way to say: stick their eyes to the screen...?), they have some homework to do, and to think about it carefully. If there were no homework, unconcious students would never go over their lessons, nad then their school record would be so terrible (another suggestion for this word?) that they may think of dropping out of school sooner or later.

Second, homework improves students skills. For instance, for team work, in class, we just have a few minutes to discuss a problem concerning to the lessons, or, to be more precised, just kick it around. That is why students must spend time self-studying to clear up their misunderstandings about the topic, or they'd better share their opinions with the classmates to find out the answer. Theyy might finally cacht on the main ideas of the lesson.

Moreover, students who did homework, might feel more confident in class. They may come up with wrong answer, but it doesn't matter, the importance is that they have already had preparation. Actually, I deeply believe that they can enjoy the subjects as soon as they keep up with other classmates.

To sum up, it has never been easy to acomplish all homeword: you never can! But at least, if good teacher takes good care of the students' assignments, they may obtain the higher score on the test.

[ I think this essay is quite informal, or I don't know if the idioms I used are not suitable. I really need your help. Thank you in advance]

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