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What is an example of modern slavery?

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Dec 21, 2021   #1

Modern slavery

According to the Cambridge dictionary, "Modern slavery is the condition of being forced by threats, violence to work for little or no pay and having no power to control what work you do, or where you do it". However, nowadays, slavery can manifest itself in ways that are more veiled, from forced child labor to self-depreciation to suit a pattern, and unconsciously, we all are slaves of our society and ourselves.

From a very young age, they taught us what to think and how to act, creating labels and fitting ourselves to them. Using the media to create new trends, to say what is pretty and what is not, as George Orwell said, "The mass supports the brand, the brand sustains the media and the media controls the mass" thus, media creates a standard to enslave and exploit the population. Therefore, in every part of our lives, society expects us to do or to be something. Take the first step at one year old, start talking at three, and learn how to read at five, those are what "normal" kids do, otherwise, you will be too late, creating a feeling of inadequacy and competitiveness, when we always do our best, but it's not enough, so we keep fighting each other as they want us to do.

Moreover, time is another thing that makes us slaveries of our society, have you ever heard the phrase: "Time is money" even though it looks like a metaphor is the reality of the system that we are in nowadays. The movie "In time" showed us how capitalism works in our civilization, where rich people have time while the poorest may count every second. This system often puts us in very precarious working conditions, because it needs money to survive, and it takes work to get money, still, a good job requires education, however, huge companies don't want to people get knowledge, because if so, then these people will have opportunities and a perspective of future and will no more be treated as slaves of this cycle which just benefits the richest part of the society.

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In conclusion, it looks like that the reality that we are living, it's not too different than the last century, Modern Slavery is just another term to demonstrate what society has been doing all over this time, using people in benefit of those who get the power, turning us into marionettes of the system and slaveries of our minds.
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Dec 22, 2021   #2
they taught us

Who taught this lesson? Where is the historical and factual basis of this claim? Deliver an establishing foundation for this claim first.

George Orwell said

Not everyone is familiar with this person. Explain who he is and why his opinion as you state it, is important tp the discussion.

so we keep fighting each other as they want us to do.

What is this assumption based on? Where is the establishing fact and evidence that proves that we are historically wired to fight due to inadequacy? How does this claim relate to slavery in modern times?

The movie "In time" showed us how

Good sample and explanation.

huge companies don't want to people get knowledge

This is once again, an unfounded claim that has no basis in reality. If people do not gain knowledge and evolve as a capitalist society, our society will cease to exist. Your arguments are not based on facts or research.

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