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Essay: Are exams necessary? Yes ... they are!

yemenja 1 / -  
Apr 16, 2009   #1
my essay is here. plzzz tell me your comments and give some advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and correct my errorss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Students take many oral and written exams in the years of schooling. Pupils have

to be evaluated by their teachers to see whether they make progress or not. Some people

may argue that exams are not necessary so they should be abolished. However, they are

essential because exams test students' skills and enable them to overcome their nerves.

Many people may claim that examinations test a limited range of skills. They favour

people, who have a good memory and techniques. They are theoretical and useless because

students may forget the subjects, which have been learned, as time goes by. However,

coursework and exams may test a greater range of skills. It may also be an efficient way to

measure the knowledge.

It has been argued that students may suffer from the consequences of stress and

anxiety during exam preparation so they may show poor performance in exams. Exams may

also lead to illnesses. However, many students may overcome their nerves so they may

perform well.

In conclusion, it is obvious that exams are necessary because they may measure

people's abilities and how much they have learned. Some students may have an opportunity

to overcome their nerves. They should be optimistic towards examinations.
silverystars 14 / 105  
Apr 16, 2009   #2

The one thing I would recommend, since you have a good thesis, is that you personalize it. It's one thing to say that "exams test students' skills," and then proceed to write in a general manner about it. But the best way to persuade the reader that what you are saying is true is to prove it. That can be done by making an example of a news article, a study, a book, a movie, or, best of all, in my opinion, something from your own experience.

The point is that you should be able to support your claim in some way that will add meaning and dimension, and, as I've said somewhere before, that which is personal is most universal. Likewise, if exams really do "enable [students] to overcome their nerves," support it with a specific example. You can do it!

Hope this helps!
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Apr 16, 2009   #3
Ned's advice is excellent. At the moment, you give a general description of one point of view, a general description of the other point of view, then say the second is better without any evidence. This is obviously not very convincing. In addition to using personal examples, you could also do some research on test taking. For instance, how have students' skills improved or deteriorated in areas that have tried to move away from test taking? For that matter, how do you even judge such a thing without giving a test of some sort? What alternative measures of success have been proposed? What are the strengths and weaknesses of these alternatives? If testing still seems to be the best option, how should the tests be designed? Add some depth to your essay, and you will get a much better mark on it.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Apr 17, 2009   #4
Some people may argue that exams are not necessary and that they should be abolished.

Some schools actually do not use exams... a college in California the name of which I can't remember...

They favour people who have a good memory and techniques, and they especially favour people without language barriers and cultural barriers to cross.

This essay is very simplistic, and the topic calls for more complexity. The topic calls for consideration of how education would be without exams. Examination is an inexact science. Without exams, though, education would still be inexact!
SairaTasartir 5 / 37  
Apr 23, 2009   #5
It's a good idea to find a couple of examples where exams aren't used and compare them to examples where they were. Or just find a couple of people's opinions/experiences for the non-exam side and debunk their reasons. There should definitely be more argument and comparison.

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