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Task 2: Exams should be replaced by an overall grade based on the whole period of study.

jadeatoz 2 / 8  
Jul 28, 2017   #1

methods for evaluating students

Although many schools have used examinations as a way of measuring their students' performances, some people suggest that they should supersede it by some form of continuous assessment. Personally I think no one method that applies to all educational systems.

On the one hand, exams can be both encouraging and academic. Taking exams is the best way of stimulating learners to compete with others to get better grades, and those of who are the best will be awarded. An additional point is that exams can evaluate how good and flexible a student is when he tackles a number of questions requiring all of what has been studied for a long time. Furthermore, students will be motivated to strengthen their information processing skills which can be a valuable experience for their own lives.

However, there are some arguments that this traditional method does not test students' knowledge but how much they can remember in few days. And it is unfair for those who always study hard but have a poor memory for facts and figures. Moreover, students will be under too much pressure to spend most of the their time cramming for exercises to satisfy their thirsts for being the best. Lastly, using overall assessment of the whole period of study can prove a great deal of efforts of students from the beginning.

In conclusion, while continuous assessment may be fairer to some extent, exams also play a crucial part in evaluating one's abilities. It is reasonable to use both methods so that students can deserve a reward for their abilities or hard work.

Gnad 2 / 4  
Jul 29, 2017   #2
Hello jadeatoz, I appreciate this paragraph. This also inspires me.
I found a grammatical mistake here:
... pressure to spend most of the their time cramming for ...
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,022 2714  
Jul 29, 2017   #3
Jade, please remember that we require all of the participants at this forum to post the original prompt that you are responding to along with the essay that you wrote in response to it. That is because we require the background of the essay in order to asses your essay based on the 4 scoring criteria. In this instance, I cannot judge the accuracy of your essay in response to the original prompt so the best that I can do is give you a general review.

Your overall presentation is sound. The sentences in the paragraphs transition in a good manner, indicating a well thought out process of drafting and writing the essay. You presented a strong argument using public opinion and information. However, I am not sure as to whether you accurately portrayed the prompt requirements. Due to that missing information, I can only say that you did a good job in writing this essay but I cannot assess it completely for a possible score or compliance considerations.
OP jadeatoz 2 / 8  
Jul 29, 2017   #4
I'm sorry. This is the full topic: "In schools, most courses finish with a final exam to assess a students ability. However, some people do not do well in exams. Therefore academic success should not be measured by exam performance but by an overall grade based on the whole period of study.

Do you agree or disagree?

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