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The exercise which I often do and how it get on

Anitaliou 1 / -  
Jun 30, 2019   #1

dance is my favorite form of exercise

Not only eating, but also exercising plays an important role in our life. If we want to have healthy bodies, doing exercising regularly is imperative.To me, dancing is my favorite exercise. Due to this reason, it undoubtly is the exercise which I take the most. I always dancing with my friends at the stadium. Before we started to dance, we would warm up first. We would learn new dance step during our practices everytime. We didn't need to prepare anything except an audio speaker, so it usually could be done at any open places.

Since I was an elementary school student, I started to perform ballet and variety of dances. I found pleasure from dancing and gradually fall in love with it. Being influenced by popular cultures, I started to learn hip-hop, jazz, dance hall and mordern dance. By dancing, I could release my pressure. It also let me get more extroverted and confident, I gradually dare to express my opinion to others. Now, dancing is my daily routine, I can't stand a day without dancing.

shehab16 1 / 1  
Jun 30, 2019   #2
This is not an essay. from one side you are trying to show how important the dance is, and from the other you tell it an exercise !

your grammar and vocabulary are weak. you should not start with "not only" it is a bad way to begin your essay like that
for example " I found pleasure from dancing" "fall in love with it" you should write ' I found pleasure in dancing' ' I like/fond of ....'

try to write harder one
best luck
selinastchen 2 / 3 1  
Jul 1, 2019   #3
1. There are some spelling mistakes such as undoubtedly and every time.
2. Many of your sentences can be paraphrased in a more straightforward way. For instance, you may change "It also let me get more extroverted and confident" to "It turned me into an extroverted and confident person"

3. It will be a complete essay if you've written it in Chinese. However, it's quite illogical when it was done in English. You should try to think in English instead of translating sentences from your native language. Either novel, news report, or others' essay will help you a lot.

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