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Experience of children with divorced parents (proficiency exercise)

mervischsouth 3 / 6  
Nov 26, 2010   #1
In many years,there has been a growing problem about children with divorced parents experience more difficulties among families not only in our country but also all around the world.There are wide-range reasons for this issue.In trying to understand and explain why children deprived of family environment withdraw life more trouble,we can focus our attention on two prominant points,namely,divorced parents' psyshological problems, change of environment.

To begin with,it can be seen as one of most crucial factors on subject is divorced parents' psychological problems.On the whole,marriage was considered to be an event which lasts for a life time.However,it is not uncommon to see a person who has got divorced at least once in his or her early age,which affects one's psychology negatively.Hence, this bad psychology may disturb attitude of parents towards their children.Furthermore,exposure to conflict between parents influence their children's psychology that already suffered from parental loss.

When it comes to change of environment,in this respect,it can be said that children begin a different life with the seperation from parents.That is to say,living in a single parent brings about new kinds of environmental challenges.In addition to parents' lack of parenting skills prevents the growth of children in adult properly.All of these motives,children living seperately from their parents may face many difficulties in life.

To sum up,the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that children with divorced parents experience more difficulties is the product of a variety of factors related to divorced parents' psychological problems and change of environment.In my opinion,it should not be forgetten that it is a huge problem and should pay more attention to this problem before it damages children more.

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