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Experience difficulty in school essay. Mechanical Engineering class

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Jul 28, 2008   #1
Hi again,

Could you please tell me if my essay succeed answering the questions and please point out all other mechanical errors that you come across. Thank you so much.

------------------------ Essay Question --------------------------------
Most students have had some type of difficulty in one course or another. Difficulties stem from various source, such as teacher-student conflicts or lack of interest in the subject field. In an essay to be read by an audience of educated adults, identify one class in which you faced a difficulty either as a student or as a teacher, describe the difficulty, and explain how you handled the situation.

-------------------------- My Essay ----------------------------------

Nearly every student experiences difficulty while he or she in school. Some students succeed at dealing with their difficulties while others fail to so. I had my own share of difficulty in some of my classes especially in college classes. Most of my difficulty stemmed from lack of English. Having little English made learning most of my classes challenging. However, the difficulty I faced in my Mechanical Engineering class was more than just lack of English.

In my Mechanical Engineering class, I found the subject difficult to understand for two reasons: the complexity of the subject and my unfamiliarity of Mechanical Engineering terms. I found the subject hard to digest. In addition, the subject of Mechanical Engineering had its own set of vocabularies beside common daily used English. Unlike math problems, Mechanical Engineering problems were word problems that required interpretation. At the time, I did not have enough vocabularies in order for me to be able interpret the word problems. After the first two weeks of the class, I gradually felt lost, and my grade suffered. I realized that I had to either drop the class or do something really fast to address the difficulties. So, I decided to tackle the difficulties.

To handle the difficulties, I first analyzed all the sources of the problem. After careful thought, I knew that I needed to learn all the new Mechanical Engineering terms and that I needed tutoring on the subject. So, the following two weeks, I tried to learn all the new vocabularies, and I got help from my university tutoring service. My tutor who was a Mechanical Engineering graduate student was very good at explaining the subject using simple examples that I could relate to. I worked very hard in this class, and the result paid off; I successfully passed the class.

The difficulties that I experienced from mechanical engineering taught me a valuable problem-solving skill. Today, I use this skill to address most of my problems; I first analyze its sources then apply the best solution to solve the problem.

In summary, I faced difficulty in My Mechanical Engineering class due to its subject complexity and my lack of English. The experience of handling the situation taught me the problem solving skill by analyzing the source of the problem and finding the effective solution.

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