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'experience more' - Living in a big city is better than a small city

hui4369 1 / -  
Jul 27, 2012   #1
Living in a big city is better than a small city

Even though people living in a big city suffer from more apparent demerits of, such as, traffic jam caused by the increases in personal automobiles, air pollution created mainly from industrial factories, citizen consumptions and the chemical gas emitted from cars, and personal tension coming both from living problems, such as, expensive houses, and from working issues, say, overwhelming workloads than those living in small city, I believe that the advantages of residing in a high developing metropolis far overweight the disadvantages which it increases and that living in a big city is better than a small city because big cities provide convenient transportation system, possess pleasant shopping environment and leads latest fashion.

First of all, compared with small cities, a big city can affords an ideal transportation system. It motivates a demand of advanced transportation system that most of foreigners and multinational cooperation are attracted by such special advantages prompting the formation of metropolises as favorable geographic circumstances, abundant natural and human resources, as well as profound historical culture and that citizens want to go abroad to widen their breadth of vision and more and more local companies plan to enlarge their business in other cities or countries. Therefore, government has to construct and consummate transportation network and facilities to satisfy people and cooperation's needs. However, for some small cities, especially, accompanying the problems of remote location and deficient resources, the authorities rarely focus more attention on transportation during urban construction. Also, this ignorance enables local become inconvenient; for example, a non-American citizen living in a small city without an airport is going to New York for vocation, he/she has to go to the adjacent and big city, and then flies to the U.S.

Big cities has more goods and better shopping environment than small city because, as we all know, a perfect transportation system providing more opportunities of contacting with the outside world and realizing resource sharing or exchanging, particularly, the trade of goods, is a basic requirement that makes big city abound in varies of goods made not only in home counties but also in foreign nations. Consequently, in big city the product diversification maximizes people's satisfactions, while the citizens living in small cities can barely reach importing commodities and cannot get new products firstly, such as, new designed cell phones or laptops, because of the restriction of transportation and the low level of purchasing power. On the other hand, the increasing in total goods causes positive competitions amongst different retailers, so, to attract consumers, retailers have to improve their shopping environment and service quality. Unfortunately, in some small cities, the shopping malls, unlike what we see in big city, is small and normal, and doesn't have really famous stores in them. Because of the disparity between big and small cities, people living in big city can more quickly reach amounts of information about latest fashion than people living in small city can.

From what has been discussed above, although there are a couple of disadvantages of living in big city, the reasons why living in a big city is better than a small city are more obvious. Living a big city, people are able to experience more convenient transportation system, pleasant shopping environment and latest fashion than people living in small city.
dumi 1 / 6,927 1592  
Jul 27, 2012   #2
You have written the entire paragraph by one sentence :)
This makes the reader to remember too many things as he proceeds to read and for sure, he wouldn't like it :D
Break up it to a few sentences. Then the reader would find it easy to read and more interesting :)
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May 28, 2014   #3
"What you do and what you do not like about your city?" Essay

Please guys help me with my essay . The Essay Is About "What you do and what you do not like about your city? " at least 150 words . its says write in fluent, well punctuated and properly spelled English.. I am not that good with English so need your help. Hope you guys help me out ....
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May 29, 2014   #4
In my humble opinion, firstly, you should decide what types of essays you want to write; secondly, you should make an outline about your mind idea and supported detail. Now, you are ready for your first draft, and when you post your first draft online, we can check it and feedback.

Good luck.

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