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IELTS TASK 2 - Exposure to international media, e.g. films, TV and magazines

madmoiselle 21 / 33 5  
Sep 17, 2016   #1
Exposure to international media, e.g. films, TV and magazines, has an impact on the local culture. Please discuss whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Today, the local cultures compete strongly with the emergence of foreign cultures through the media. I believe this development triggers an impact on the existence of local culture. Nevertheless, I will discuss this issue further in this essay.

Media is one of the facilities that publish any information around the world which is accessible for people all ages. Furthermore, media can enrich people's insights through magazine or newspaper they read or TV program they watch. Take for instance a healthy American life style article, it is the way of media to foster the readers in order to adjust their life style. Thus, the local people possess a good life long expectancy.

However, there is evidence that not all media presents beneficial programs or articles particularly for youngsters and children. For example in terms of entertainment, such as girl bands or boy bands and drama films published in TV programs. Generally speaking, these shows influence the student's performance in the school because many students have been addicted to watch them. Nowadays, the emergence of foreign culture presented through media such as apparel style disposes people to ignore domestic products. As a consequence, the local culture will erase by the time if the societies do not aware of it.

To sum up, it is true that media has allowed people to see other cultures that can inspire them. However, this phenomenon has threatened the prevailing local culture wherein as a distinction of a country. Therefore, the government should take into account this issue for preventing the eradication of local culture.

wew018 - / 20 9  
Sep 17, 2016   #2
Hi @madmoiselle

Your essay is good and has a power. However, there are some minor lapses which we can improve in your essay.

... which is accessible for peopleofall ages

life stylelifestyle

... article, it iswhich is one ofthe ways of media to foster the readers in order to adjust theirlife stylelifestyle

However, there issome evidences

publishedairedin TV programs

... the local culture willbeerased

by the time once if the societiesydo not aware of it.wil not take this as a serious problem

the local culture will be erased once the society will not take this as a serious problem.

That will be all. Good luck and enjoy writing ! :)

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