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What extent to you agree on that capital punishment essential to control violence?

Rafiullah 1 / -  
Mar 14, 2012   #1
Without capital punishment (the death penalty) our lives are less secure and crimes of violence increases. Capital punishment is essential to control violence in society.

To what extent do you agree do you agree with this opinion?

Unfortunately, in today's environment where world is growing faster both economically and socially. More social pressure is increasing in terms of unemployment, less purchasing power, scarcity of resources and so on so forth. Here chances of crimes or violence increase and tougher laws and punishments are enforced by states and in extreme case capital punishment.

In recent years more governments and states are abolishing the law of capital punishment. They believe that it is very inhuman to kill him/her just because he/she had committed a crime. Their view is of implementing tougher laws and their proper enforcement. Prior to giving capital punishment one has to think the reasons which has led the person to commit such a crime and for which he/she has been given capital punishment. For example, if a person kills another person just for food because he and his family were hungry from past several days. Here the state should be liable, which ultimately had to take care of that person and his family's basis necessity which of course was food. There should be strict transparent process of justification prior to awarding capital punishment, because it a matter of human life.

Nevertheless, one the other hand there are several heinous crimes for which capital punishment is the right way to stop or minimize them. In China, forgery of severe nature is a crime and if proved guilty capital punishment is awarded. Similarly in Saudi Arabia, if a person is caught red handed while having or taking drugs, a death penalty is awarded. By doing this an example has been set. This will help in minimizing crime rate of the same nature. Capital punishment also gives an indication that how bad a particular crime for which death penalty is given is seen by the state and how eager it is to minimize or stop it completely.

In my opinion, capital punishment is essential to control the crime, but before that tougher laws should be enforced and implemented.

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xyx0905 16 / 49  
Mar 15, 2012   #2
I wrote a similar topic: the advantages and disadvantages of the introduction of fix punishments

Advantages of fix punishment: 1.) effective and efficient judicial procedure -> there is no wastage of tax payers' money / 2.) fix punishment could act as a warning for people who may commit to potential criminal activities -> a price of the law violation has been clearly presented.

Disadvantage of fix punishment: 1.) pose a sense of unfairness between serious and non-criminal convictions -> consider the actual circumstance (self-protect, the convicts actually the victims in the scene); 2.) for minors, fix punishment could cause a number of psychological problems -> (autistic or self-mutilation, => refuse to interact with others in the society, negative attitude towards their future life, cannot reintegrate to the social environment)

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