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To what extent do you agree that letter writing is disappearing? IELTS 2.

jalp 13 / 34 7  
May 25, 2018   #1
Due to the use of the computers and mobile phones, letter writing is disappearing. To what extent do you agree?

the disappearance of letter-writing

In modern world, letter-writing is now replaced by the computers and cellular phone. I strong agree that writing thru letters is not popular nowadays. The birth of advanced technology made the old-fashion way to communicate cease to exist.

Decades ago, writing letters used to be the only way to talk to your family or friends who live far away. Computers or mobile phones were not invented at that time. People write and send letters to reach out to their loved ones, but now, because technology keeps advancing, the easiest way to contact others is thru cellphones or computers. As a result, almost one out of ten people write letters to send messages. Most of them are probably living in a third world country such as India, where technology is not as advanced as the other countries.

Personally, when I was in my early teenage years, I used to write letters to my cousins and friends to know how they were doing. However, when I reached fourteen, my father bought me a cellphone as a gift, and at that time, Nokia was the popular brand. Since then, I started using my phone to almost everything, but most of all, to send messages or talk to my friends and family. Because of that, I could not even remember the last time I wrote a letter to someone. Nevertheless, computers and mobile phones made communication easier and faster.

With the disappearance of letter-writing, the use of technology, mainly laptops and cellular phones, is more embraced by the society. For that reason, less and less people use their hands and pens to write, but rather, type or swipe to talk to people from all over the world. Therefore, today's modern world is starting to lose it's old touch of doing manual love letters or invitations.

This is my second essay with a four paragraph format. I am not sure if I can use this format but 5 would be hard to make. I hope someone can correct my mistakes and grade, if possible.

I made this essay right after my first post here. So you might notice that I may have the same mistake from my first essay.

Thank you in advance for the criticisms. Feel free to be direct.
jenniferngo 1 / 1  
May 25, 2018   #2
I think that the introduction is not clear about your opinion ( I don't really know that if you agree or disagree).
The second paragraph just can't support your opinion, it's better that you replace it by the unconvenience of using writing letter.
You indicated the advantages of using mobile phone or computer for texting but you should not tell the the your story in Ielts essay, it will compromise your scores.

Trying to use more academic words.
Writting four or five paragraph is all fine, but the important thing is that how you write it ( I think 4 it's better and enough)

- I strongly agree...
- writing thru letters is not popular nowadays
- The birth-> invention is better
- People wrote and sent letters to reach out ...

However I think should practice writing more and try to refer the model essays on the Internet.
I hope you will study well and get high score on Ielts :D
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,289 3984  
May 26, 2018   #3
Jea, since you have repeated the same mistakes from your previous essay, I will refrain from commenting on those so as not to waste time and space. I will however, advice you that when you receive corrections from a contributor, you are expected to apply the corrections in the succeeding essays.

As you admitted, you wrote this essay right after your first post, but there was a lag in the time when you received the advice based on the first essay and the posting of this new one. So, why then did you not correct the mistakes as pointed out in the previous essay? The advice given was more based on the presentation mistakes that you made. Therefore, it appears that you are disregarding the advice being given to you by the professional contributors here and that really appears to me as you not being serious about improving your work.

You should have applied the corrections to this essay before you submitted it. That will show me, as the professional contributor that you are taking the advice seriously and that you know how to properly apply it to your work. Please do not do that again. Otherwise, as an experienced and professional contributor, I will be constrained to stop reviewing your work. At that point, you will only receive non-professional general and grammar correction advice from fellow users, who are also just studying how to use the English language and preparing for their test just like you, which will not be of much help in improving your work based on scoring considerations.

You cannot use a 4 format essay in the Task 2 essay because the C&C section REQUIRES a 5 paragraph format. You will lose points for writing less than 250 words and writing less than 5 paragraphs as that automatically indicates an under developed essay discussion. You will not be able to show the reviewer your true English skills and potential as a student with less than 5 paragraphs. Only the Task 1 essay, that does not require a conclusion, is expected and required to have a 4 paragraph presentation due to the lower word count requirement.

In your presentation, you need to add the suffix -ly to form a proper adverb from the adjective you are using. You cannot say "I strong agree" but rather use the adverb form by saying "I strongly agree" this depicts the "degree" of agreement or disagreement with the given statement. There is also no need for you to add the opinion sentence at the end. That should be part of the topic sentence in the body paragraph. The opening statement must stick to being a proper paraphrase and thesis presentation only. No discussions allowed due to sentence number constraints.

Good job using personal experience in the defense of your opinion. This shows a clear understanding of the prompt and how it applies to the popular culture of today. Examiners tend to rate essays that use personal experience higher than the other discussion formats because this format clearly shows the depth of your English comprehension skills in terms of the given discussion topic and discussion instructions.

You did a bad job in mentioning a specific country in the essay. That is racist and should not be included in the essay. A general reference and tone is always best in order to avoid possibly offending the examiner, who may be of mixed descent and may take offense at your choice of words and example in the presentation. While it may sound right to you, proper writing etiquette and decency as well as respect for others and other cultures must be represented in your discussion as well.

Your conclusion continues the discussion of the essay with new information, thus creating an open ended essay which will reduce your TA scoring potential. The 5th paragraph is always the concluding summary. That is how you write the 5 paragraph essay.
OP jalp 13 / 34 7  
May 30, 2018   #4
Thank you very much for the criticisms. I actuallu didn't think of editing my second essay because I thought of it as cheating(because I know I can't edit my essay on my actual exam), I now understand your point with regards to your advice. And I'm really sorry if it looked like I didn't follow your advice. Again, thank you so much for the review and I will definitely apply your corrections on my next essay.

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