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What factors contribute to teaching job satisfaction? Financial wellness and work atmosphere

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teacher's work stability and his satisfaction

Educational sector has witnessed a great rise since it started to care about the teacher's stability and his satisfaction that help him definitely to be a competent teacher. So the quality of a good job depends largely on two factors that bring the expected satisfaction morally and financially.

Firstly, one of the foremost factors that achieve obviously teaching job satisfaction is the stability of morale because if the teacher feels that his entourage helps him even by a smile, so that teacher will be motivated and eager to work. In other words, human beings are always in need of support, positive feedbacks and appreciating the efforts can hugely play major role in achieving the teacher's satisfaction because it is a sign of recognition and the one's devotion at work

Secondly, being financially stable can gives an extra energy to make the job done in a good way. The teacher's salary is important for him to save a good life personally, and it is necessary to praise teachers at the end of the month because it motivates them to continue their efforts in order to achieve the agreed goals.

All in all, job satisfaction in both sides morally and financially; it is important for every teacher which can facilitate the difficulties and the challenges that may encountered during the intended work
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Kindly specify if you are reviewing for the IELTS test or just general English language writing to receive more appropriate observations of your work next time.Different reviews and advice apply to specific English language writing tasks.I want to be sure that I am I you an applicable review at all times. I'll use the IELTS task 2 remer - criteria for now as it appears to be applicable to your written task.

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Your opening sentence is difficult to follow due to your run-on sentence. For clarity purposes, avoid presenting 2 ideas in one sentence. Use 2 sentences to represent 2 ideas to give a coherent restatement of the original presentation. This lack of clear explanation affected 3 scoring rubics: T.A., C and C, plus G R A. penalties will be applied across all 3 sections. Your preference for the use of run - on sentences are prevalent throughout the presentation paragraphs, making this the main problem and second highest source of scoring deductions in your essay. There also inconsistencies with your punctuation mark Usage. One sentence lacks a period at the end.

These observations indicate a high likelihood of your being unable to garner enough positive scores to be able to pass the test. Try to focus on presentation clarity and G RA adherence next time to increase your score. Don't rush your thought development too much. The clearer your explanations, the better developed your examples and opinions, the higher your scoring potential.

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