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What are factors which are related to academic success in high-school students?

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Jul 12, 2011   #1
As a high-school student, getting your distinctions is the pinnacle of our tedious academic endeavors. Thus drowning ourselves in textbooks and piles of notes is what most of us resorts to do. However, an imperative questions should be asked ; does strenuous and long hours of studying truly guarantees the distinctions that we need and ultimately success in our life? Or otherwise, there are many other factors that contribute in determining the academic success as a student?

First and foremost, it is an undeniable fact that one needs to study and do work conscientiously to improve on one's results. However, getting distinctions can not simply be achieved through long hours of staring at diagrams or regurgitating lines from textbooks. One needs to fully contemplate the subject in hand before one is able to answer questions regarding the matter. As a high-school student, the challenge that emerges would be to understand abundant materials within a short period of time before the examination. Therefore, the requisite skill is to be able to select important points and elaborate on it. Making mind maps and doing research from external sources may prove to be helpful in helping one to have profound understanding of the subject. Thus, innovative ways of studying is a factor that contribute to academic success.

Another factor which is often dismissed as unimportant would be parental support. Although in today's generation, high-school students no longer depends on their parents to ask for academic guidance, parents must still play an active role in doing whatever means necessary to provide moral as well as incentive support. For example, arranging tuition lessons might help their child to understand subjects taught at school which might be confusing at times. However more importantly, in times of discouragement and low spirit, parents should be by their children sides to encourage them. By doing so, students will be further driven to achieve success as there are people who are support them at all times.

Romantic relationships also proves to be a chief factor in relation to academic success of high-school students. Undeniably, these times are the age where we are most emotional and hormone-stimulated, thus romantic relationship is omnipresent. However, relationships can be beneficial or detrimental to one's academic endeavors. For instance, if the couple encourage one another to study and share their notes, the relationship in fact help them improve their studies. However, what more commonly found among high-school students is relationships becoming a distraction fro work and studies. Committing to one person undoubtedly take up lots of times and adversely time for studying must be sacrificed. The problem that usually ensues would be unattended works and falling marks. Therefore one needs to be able to manage time well to keep the balance between relationships and academics.

In a nutshell, academic success is affected by many external factors, however ultimately it depends on oneself. how one can manage time and efficiency of studies is the most crucial factor in achieving academic success.

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