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'the factory will develop city' -essay about building a new factory in the community.

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Jun 4, 2012   #1
Good day,

Essay topic: A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new influence on your community. Do you support or oppose the factory? Explain your position.

My essay

A factory can influence an entire city not only economically, also architecturally and healthy. There are many kind of factories, and my ideology is that if the factory will not destroy natural habitats for animals, or for us is a good deal for the citizen from a city. Also they must calculate what is the pollution generated by that factory, because maybe it will be dangerous for citizen from that city also the neighbors cities in the next few decades.

A factory usually is a very big business. It can have many advantages for a city also a few important disadvantages. I think the most important advantage in my opinion is that a factory can employ Upton to 2 or 3 thousand people to work in that factory every day. Also another one is it pays the people hired to build the factory's building. So in this way, the factory will improve the economics of that city, because it earn money selling the goods in other cities, or countries and it build new things in my city or it pay huge salaries for the workers. In this way the community receives millions of dollars from the factory and it will develop other kind of business and so on.

Another thing that I consider an important advantage is that the goods create from the factory it will be very cheap in that city. The people can use the goods as a prime material to create other sophisticated items. For example if the factory is a wood factory the wood created it can be processed by the people to create houses, or furniture.

The architecture will have influence in that matter there will be a lot of statues create using that kind of material produced by the factory.

The Commonwealth will have also some disadvantage like pollution. Any kind of massive production has a cost: pollution. They will not breathe the same clear air. There are some kinds of factories like coal, steam, chemical factories which create every year a few tons of pollution and the community will suffer. Maybe there will be some mutations like in the Chernobyl case to the people.

In conclusion the factory will have my support if it will not produce massive pollution that will effect my health and other people's health. I think the most of people are with the same judge. Any kind of business is trying to produce money and involuntary the factory will develop that city.

Thank you and have a nice day

ana_p 27 / 81  
Jun 4, 2012   #2
Hi Bebe,

I would like to suggest some points:

1. Try to concentrate on sentence structure.
2. Instead of 'my ideology' you can write in 'In my opinion', 'Personally' OR 'I support with ...'
3. Do not start your sentence with words like 'Also' and 'Maybe'.
4. You can also arrange your essay in a format like intro para, body para1 (advantages with examples), body para2 (disadvantages with examples) and finally, conclusion para.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck!


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