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Failed Descriptive Essay Subject Costa Rica

Maethirion 2 / 6  
Nov 15, 2009   #1
I have trouble writing for my English teacher. I just can't connect with her. I find that to better understand my professors I must be able to understand their very soul. That's a little much, but either way, I can't connect with this woman and I believe she hates me. She is the bane of my existence. Once again, please ignore my ridiculous statements. I was required to write a Descriptive essay, but I wrote about a subject that didn't particularly please my teacher. My first attempt was based on a squirrel that eventually evolved into a narrative. That being said, I took a drastically different approach and wrote my Costa Rica paper. the teacher said we could describe a person, animal, or scene. I screwed up and missed the plot entirely. That being said, I have no idea how to turn an essay about Costa Rica into a essay dedicated to a scene in Costa Rica. Granted, I have great memories from the place. I just find it hard to pick one.

I am able to edit my paper. Would it be smarter to start a paper based around a scene Costa Rica, or scrap the idea and write something slightly easier?

"Costa Rica is a treasure hidden from the majority of the world. When many people think of paradise this small country may not come to mind. After all, it is only one of the many countries that make up Central America. The entire country is only 19,700 sq miles in size. The island is made up of many large volcanoes that sprung up from the ocean during the prehistoric era. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean sea as well as the country of Nicaragua and the country of Panama.

Looking at Costa Rica on a map, it reminds me of a scene in the movie, The King and I. The schoolteacher shows the children a map with Siam. One of the children protests out of disgust. He is so enamored with his country that he can't accept the idea that Siam is dwarfed by other countries. On a map, Costa Rica fails to stand out. It is not large and it isn't isolated. However, Costa Rica is much more then ink on paper, and a world map can serve it no justice.

Its name is Spanish in origin, meaning "rich coast". It is a well deserved name for a majority of the country is made up of coast with two separate bodies of water bordering it. On one side, you can float in the aquamarine depths of the tropics, and on the other you can marvel in some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. The sand in Costa Rica is very different than most sand you'll see. It is various hues and shades of earth, an abundant array of powdered coral, sediment, and volcanic ash. Many tourists can be found sleeping on the beach, solely to enjoy the softness of the sand.

Because Costa Rica is an Island made up of many volcanoes, the terrain changes abruptly from coast to mountains. The island is constantly blanketed in an emerald glow. Because it is located near the equator, the season is constantly cycling through summer. Plants are always green and growing. Costa Ricans take pride in their country for its thriving wildlife. The Flora and Fauna of Costa Rica are very respected by the world because the country contains 5% of the world's biodiversity with both plants and animals. Because of this Costa Rica is also one of the cleanest and greenest countries in the world.

I remember marveling at the beauty of this country. I was amazed by the beauty of the place. It was truly a hidden paradise. The land stretched literally from under the sea all the way to the sky. You could scale one of the many volcanoes and gaze down upon the clouds. In Costa Rica, you can almost touch God. Costa Rica is heaven on earth, hidden in the clouds. It is a diamond in a sea of glass. In Costa Rica you wake up happy to greet the day ahead. The sun has already risen by five in the morning greeting you for another day of rainbows and kaleidoscopes of colors. Vibrant hues of pinks and greens and blues embrace you. The air has never been sweeter, the day, brighter. Even the birds seem happier.

Of course most people never experience the sheer awesomeness of Costa Rica. Many people view it only as an obstacle to skip over when traveling around the world. Why go to Costa Rica when you can go to Italy or Russia? If I had the choice, however, to go to any one country, I would travel to Costa Rica."

This is my original craptastic expository-wishing-it-were-descriptive essay.

EF_Kevin 8 / 13,334 129  
Nov 17, 2009   #2
She is the bane of my existence.

No using cliches at EssayForum! :-)

Just kidding... cliches are people, too. By the way, thanks so much for all the help you have been giving people. Maybe you will get set up as a contributor and keep reading a few essays each week???

Forget the teacher. She might not be right; teachers ad cliches... are only human. Refine your spirit by assuming a tranquil state of mind and following her advice metculously. SHOW her that you are excited about the way your writing has improved as the result of her advice, and she will love you (and herself) a little more. It's easy to win teachers' hearts! Just appreciate them. This works especially well with bad teachers, because they so rarely experience being appreciated.

The first para of your essay here basically says Costa Rica is way cooler than people think. That is not a very meaningful thing to say. The trick is to say something outrageous, or even controversial. Can you write an intro paragraph about Costa Rica being the best place to visit for anyone who is a Gemini? That would grab my interest.

You can use the characteristics associated with that astrological sign to make this a strangely interesting essay.

Then, for the para about the sand and beaches, tell something about why a Gemini would like that. Do the same for each para, and it might even become funny.

Of course, this is just one idea. My point is that you MUST wait until you have some inspiration and write each essay as a work of art... do not just complete the task of expository writing about Costa Rica. Get inspired, make yourself laugh, and write an essay that uses a cool theme to explain Costa Rica.

Ha ha, you can argue that it is the best place to be if the whole world has a financial collapse and we sink into anarchy.

Don't forget to appreciate your teacher; maybe she is getting burnt out with her job...give her some love! ha ha

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