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Fake news is becoming increasingly common in the era of social media. What problems will it cause?

mngocng 1 / -  
Apr 15, 2020   #1

spreading distorted news

In the light of social networks, it is widely acknowledged that false information is becoming disseminated. This phenomenon is likely to have detrimental influences on the public, but they can be tackled by the solutions outlined below.

Several related problems can be anticipated because of disinformation. The foremost issue is the misinformation and misunderstanding among people that affects their lives. Many people take advantages of topics of universal interest and compelling evidence to make other people believe in distorted information. As a result, this will form negative ideas in their minds and they can make wrong decisions. Another pressure will include the life and mental health of people who involved rumors. Although information has not been verified, they can have to suffer criticism from public opinion. For instance, celebrities may be harassed on online social media, and targeted by insults and threats in real life.

There are several actions that could be taken to eradicate the problems described. The first possible solution is to raise awareness in the community by campaigns or educational lectures. Therefore, people boycott false information and approve reliable information sources. A further step is for the government to administer strict punishments. For example, authorities should impose fines on rule violators or imprison if necessary. By doing this, offenders may learn lessons and have fewer possibilities to return to lives of crime.

In conclusion, spreading distorted news will trigger consequences, and the proposed solutions must be taken to combat the effects of these issues.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15043 4827  
Apr 15, 2020   #2
Please remember to post the full prompt the next time you come here for an essay review. It will help me give a more targeted review of your work. Right now, I will just be basing my advice on the standard assumption for the direct opinion essays.

Based on the format for direct opinion essays, I can say that your paraphrase is, at the most partly inaccurate. The inaccuracy comes from the lack of 2 things:

- A direct response to either the reason fake news exists or, the what problems fake news causes
- A singular solution topic presentation that will relate to the reason for fake news

Both are to be presented to help outline the reasoning paragraphs of the essay. These are part of the TA requirements for the response format for this type of essay question. Without a direct response, you will lose points in the TA section.

You are representing too many ideas in a single paragraph. Focus on the presentation of a single reason so that the paragraph becomes coherent. Discussing a single related solution will also add to the cohesiveness of your discussion paragraphs. These actions will result in a higher C&C scoring consideration for your essay. Your current presentation lacks clarity and a connecting discussion so you will instead, receive a mark down in the C&C section. Unless you learn to properly relate 2 topics in one paragraph using a proper connecting sentence or transition sentence in the middle of the presentation, you will always have deducted points in that scoring area.

Your conclusion is incomplete as it does not have the proper 3 sentence reverse paraphrase that will conclude the essay. You must restate the topic, the reasons, and close with your suggested solutions to complete that paragraph.

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