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Fame should be a surprise, not a goal.

nikkisia 1 / -  
Dec 24, 2014   #1
This is my essay, but I don't know if I like it or did it right.
We had to write a essay about "why I want to be famous or not"
you had to name your talents, it had to be original, you had to convince your teacher, and it had to be written well and ofcourse say if you wanted to be famous or not.

At the first I thought yes, ofcouse! I want to be famous, money, fame, connexions. Everything your heart desires. Well, that's not true. Millions of people try to get famous everyday. They sing, dance, make videos. All with one goal, to be known. In today's society so many people want to be famous. But why ?

Fame should be a surprise, not a goal.

Advantages of being famous

Famous people can affort everything they want, If they want to drive the fastest car, or buy a big house. Go ahead. They can go wherever they want on holidays or any other day of the week and do not have to worry about their future because their income is so good that even after retiring they will live well.

Famous people are known everywhere, for example, They are invited to the greatest party's and meet loads of celebrities. Also, they can make new friends from all over the world.

They can do what you love doing and get paid for it, They can play at the biggest stadiums in the world and hear people scream for the. That must be a sick feeling

Disadvantages of being famous

Famous people get loads of hate, everyday they will be threatened by people who don't like them for the most strange reasons.

they have no privacy and are always followed by paparazzi's who usually take photos in most unexpected moment which can stop a person from enjoying the simple things in life such as going to a movie, shopping at a local supermarket or mall, quiet walks on the beach or even going out for a nice relaxing evening with friends and family.

The fans, yes there are multiple nice fans. But famous people will be faced with crazy, obsessed fans or stalkers, those fans do everything to meet the celebrities and cross every line.

You will loose friends or get new - fake - friends, those people only want to be friends with the celebrity because of its fame.

And last, the more the expectation of fans will increase as their favorite celebrities achieve more success, Therefore, the anxiety level of well-known people can dramatically rise up which can negatively affect their mental heath.

And still, after I did research I'd like to be famous, Maybe on a smaller scale, Or after I died. I want to let the world know what I can do. Make videos and travel the world, write about it and publish it. Maybe promote some other things. That would be my dream fame.

Pereirar23 3 / 4 2  
Dec 24, 2014   #2
Im assuming this is suppose to 5 Paragraph essay style? If so, you need to indicate your thesis - that you would like to be famous. Than give your reasons ( its advantages )

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