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IELTS 2: family, children - the numbers are declining

Quang Bao 5 / 8 1  
Aug 16, 2022   #1

In many parts of the world, families were larger in the past because people had more children.

Do you think there were more advantages or disadvantages to being part of a large family in the past ?

It is univerisally accepted that modern homes, at present, are not affording as many members as they used to in retrospect. Despite offering a wide variety of detrimental influences regarding societal features, this past trend is, in my opinion, considered beneficial with more relationships.

On the one hand, containing increasing children played an integral part in enhancing connection within a house. To beign with, it is inevitable that members in that unit could build mutual relationships, and eventually expanded their social circle with younger relatives in their extended family. As a result, when reaching matureness and entering the world of employment, people could find support from trustworthy surrounders, for instance, numerous cousins created start-ups to do business together, so they would not feel distressed about strangers fooling them in invesment. Furthermore, if a student at a young age had felt isolated and too apprehensive occassionally, he or she would have looked for another member they were close to to converse about private issues, resulting in more flexible and comfortable minds afterwards.

This convention, on the other hand, has posed innumerable threats to the community. There is no doubt that a immense quantity of youngsters in a family like more than 10 newborns per parent in the past was primarily responsible for the current overpopulation all over the globe, thereby becoming a massive burden of welfares for soceity to supply such as hospitals or educational institutes. In addition, after growing older and preparing for a suitbale major or career, they would find out the overwhelming intensity of choosers in comparision to much fewer demands for selection, therefore, many would have to change to another profession or got unemployed.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that its advantages do outweigh its negative points. The decline in the number of members now can help today's era with lower rates of not only employment but also density; furthermore, this development has not been advocating the interaction between humans.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,560 4442  
Aug 16, 2022   #2
When an exam taker writes as incoherently as this person, he can only expect one result from the test. He will be given the lowest possible score. He will fail the test due to his inability to clearly explain himself in English. It is almost as if he aimed to get the lowest possible score in every section. This sort of writing does not show a desire to pass the test.

I wonder why he feels like an authority when giving other students advice, but is incapable of seeing his own mistakes. Stop advising other students here when you cannot even write a coherent sentence in English. The paragraphs are confusing, spelling is horrible, and the overall essay violates more than several English grammar rules. The discussion is worthless due to lack of coherent expression. His writing cannot be understood by the native English speaker/ examiner.

Students here should only take the advice of this person if they want to also fail the test. Any good advice he gives is only a plagarism / restatement of Educational consultant advice, for which his account will soon be banned since he already received 2 warnings about it and yet he still keeps doing it.

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