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'family living arrangements' - CBEST writing - about extended families

liuxin3562 1 / -  
Feb 26, 2012   #1
I still can't pass CBEST writing, would you please help?

Topic: Some people think that is best for extended families (including grandparents, aunts, and uncles, cousins, etc.) to live together. Other people think that it is best for the nuclear family (parents and children only) to live away from the extended family. Which type of family living arrangement do you think is the most beneficial? Use specific reason s to support your response.

My answer:
In the traditional family style, it is more likely that extended families live together. They can share their knowledge and experience daily. However, it also frequently causes arguments and disruptions/conflicts among the family members, since there are distinct values and living styles between different generations. Given the drawbacks to extended family households, it is best for the nuclear family to live separately. This situation facilitates easier communication, a less stressful living environment, and better familial relationships.

First, nuclear family members are more likely to have similar views. The different experiences and societies each generation grew up in create barriers between generations. Grandparents have difficulty enjoying their grandchildren's fashions and discussing their work situations or future plans. Grandchildren have difficulty understanding their grandparents' refusal to use new technology, such as computers. A two-generation household does not have these problems, at least not to such an extreme, because parents and children grow up in similar environments.

Second, a two-generation household would be happier and less stressful. After a day of stressful work or study, everyone wants to relax and enjoy his/her life at home. However, each person has his/her own way of relaxing and opinion as to acceptable behavior and values. If a household contains many relatives living together, the number of different perspectives will be great. This variety of opinions will either produce pressure to conform to others' opinions or arguments. Neither of the situations contributes to a peaceful, relaxing home environment. Parents, however, better understand their children, and vice versa, which tends to make a nuclear household much calmer.

Third, maintaining distance from other family members helps nuclear families to have more private space. This living situation allows the nuclear family to build stronger relationship with each other and better support each other. The less chaotic environment also creates more time to focus on work and studies. Arguments are less likely when people have more personal space. As a result, living apart from extended family creates stronger, more amicable relationship between all family members. Extended family members can call on each other for help when needed, but not disturb each other daily.

In conclusion, family living arrangements greatly affect one's personal life. Living with one's nuclear family produces three main benefits that living with one's extended family does not: efficiency in communication, comfort in lifestyle, and joy in relationships. Today's technology allows us to remain close with relatives that live far away. These methods of communication, from Skype to MSM to cell phones to email, allow us to share our funny stories, school life, new experiences, and life lessons, while avoiding the frictions of living together daily.  

Jovine 2 / 6  
Feb 28, 2012   #2
CBEST must be really hard because I think this is really nice Lily Lee, You have some great pointers & I like the arrangement of your answers.

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