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Family units - Is this a positive or negative trend?

Huy Ho 1 / -  
Apr 29, 2021   #1

urban family structure

In many countries today, people in cities either live alone or in small family units, rather than in large family groups. Is this a positive or negative trend?

It is true that a number of city dwellers are inclined to reside in nuclear family units instead of living with their seniors and refuse to raise a family starting from having children. Additionally, this tendency still perpetuates in many parts of the world. However, I believe that the pervasiveness of this issue confers many societal and personal benefits, albeit some considerable repercussions.

Living in small units could pose threats to current society. Granted, in regard to the escalating demands for private living space, more pressure will be exerted on urban sprawling with land scarcity, thus leading to some unpredencial problems and deteriorating the residents' occupational aspects. There is a possibility that when choosing to live alone, it would result in shrinking habitats such as the reduction of city's green zones including the destruction of pristine environments for housing construction and human's fiscal maintenance. Consequently, nature will have to sacrifice to provide the need for more temporary accommodations and prone to the living cost increase among metropolises. Moreover, the elderly will be able to be left abandoned unless their siblings are with them. This is primarily because the young are more likely to struggle to live rather than the inhumane restriction of nursing homes due to the economic pressure.

On the contrary, catering for the nuclear family should place a significant emphasis on the positive impacts. Given the fact that the trend of living alone is willing to give people a sense of independence and diligence, more inhabitants, especially the students, engage in studying edification and expertises to become more mutual. As a result, there will be a vast majority of people having enough experiences and knowledge, thus contributing impetus to the globalisation and cutting-edge oriented technology, which can be inherited in the society. In terms of personal merits, individuals now are more involved in having self-motivated to excel. Additionally, choosing to live alone is an universally optimal way to know one's critical needs in order to indulge themselves in whatever they have been craving for.

In conclusion, determining to choose which places and categories of living style could have some prominent merits and demerits. However, this trend has more positive or negative impacts depending on how much people are aware of two sides of the issue.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,630 3476  
Apr 30, 2021   #2
Your paraphrasing is way off base. It isn't an accurate representation of the original theme and reasons that support the discussion. Your own thesis statement in response to the question is confusing and fails to make a clear point or deliver an understandable opinion. Refer to this specific comparison in reference to the error.

OQ: Is this a positive or negative trend?
Response: I believe that the pervasiveness of this issue confers many societal and personal benefits, albeit some considerable repercussions.
Proper Response: This situation lends itself to drawbacks due to certain reasons.

Do not create complicated sentence presentations by stringing together Intellectual sounding words that do not make sense to the native English speaker. Rather than improving the LR, C&C, and GRA score, such a presentation can result in a failing overall score. This is due the stress of trying to understand what you are trying to say, the use of unnatural sounding words, and confusion with regards to the clarity of your thought process. You are trying too hard to make a good impression in a negative way. This task has to be written in an academic but conversational tone. That means, you should use everyday conversational English words to make your point.

The reason that this essay will fail though, is because of your failure to give a clear singular opinion in relation to the topic, accompanied by 2 supporting reasons in individual paragraphs.

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