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Farming study - to secure a position as a food security policy analyst expert.

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Dec 14, 2019   #1

change in development terms following your study

Farming processes and food systems generate different kinds of wastes. Reducing environmental problems caused by inappropriate disposal of waste relies on sufficient utilization of agricultural waste. Nowadays, the use of this waste is a priority for sustainable development to be achieved. As part of my plan to study at the University of Newcastle, I plan to assess the application of eggshell waste as valuable products. Eggshell is a solid waste, with a production of several tons per day. Eggshell is mostly sent to landfills with high management cost. Nigeria is blessed with arable land for constant renewability and reuse of eggshell waste into biomaterial, fertilizers and biodiesel. Extensive application of eggshell waste will not only create job opportunities, but also enable rural communities to practice sustainable technologies to improve small farm holder's farming systems, output, productivity, and food and nutrition security in the communities. These will replace inorganic fertilizers and fossil fuels, as well as reducing agricultural waste generated. Also, the involvement of local communities to this innovative technology will enhance the livelihood and accelerate development. Eventually, public participation forms will seek to reinvent the government to open up to transparency and accountability.

I intend to secure a position at the federal ministry of agriculture as a food security policy analyst expert. It will avail me the opportunity to collaborate with the UK based west Africa science and innovation network (SIN) and my matter, in developing cutting edge policies, and strategies for food and other agricultural waste for a fair, sustainable food system.
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Dec 14, 2019   #2
Welcome to the forum. I hope that this feedback of mine gives you insight on how to improve this writing.

As I constantly mention to people here, clarity is extremely important when you are writing. The easiest way to go around this would be to ensure that you are logically following through with information that you're introducing. For instance, take a look at your first sentence. You mentioned that there are different kinds of wastes - and yet, you were unable to expound on what these are specifically.

While I think that it was great that you were able to slightly incorporate in the first paragraph the specifics of what your application entails, the second paragraph was still a bit loose when it came to tying these concepts together in an academically planned structure. What I suggest is trying to make smoother the transition between the first and the second paragraphs through incorporating how Sin directly or indirectly correlates with the rest of your writing. Doing this will help you in the long-run have a more enhanced outlook on the topic.

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