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Ielts - Fast food popularity- Positive or Negative?

bakhadeer 6 / 20  
Jun 7, 2014   #1
Fast food is universally in most countries and is becoming increasingly popular. Some feel that this is a positive trend, while others do not. what is your opinion on this?

The past few decades have seen a dramatic change in the popularity of fast food. Some people claim it as convenient and cheap, while others condemn its unhealthy components. Personally despite (((what i should write here??? Plz check my essay and give some examples to write)))

First of all, it is indisputable fact that fast food causes many major health problems. Consumption of foods such as fried chicken, hamburgers and chips, which are high in fat, results in ailment as obesity and high blood pressure. Lack of vital additives can also be responsible to mental illnesses.

Nonetheless being addicted to fast cooked dishes are harmful to health, we cannot completely ignore its convenience. Incredibly high pace in preparing such foods, is the only one solution when we are in a hurry. Moreover, its good placement (for instance near to the University) and working time ( 24/7 ) makes comfortable using their services, rather than looking for restaurants which is often costs money.

By way of conclusion, consuming fast foods will probably continue being preferable, especially among youngsters, as the demand of people to get their needs faster. Negative impacts to health will be reduced by limiting time of visiting such a places))
fikri 5 / 317 71  
Jun 8, 2014   #2
what kind of your essay? IELTS?
which task that you wrote above? in IELTS task 2, you shpuld write at least 250 words, also you should separate them into introduction-bodies-conclusion
TranAnh 3 / 6 2  
Jun 8, 2014   #3
it's not an essay.

The structure of an essay must have introduction by 1 paragraph, body by 2-3 paragraphs and conclusion = 1 paragraph.
And you must write down at least 250 words.

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