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Fast pace of life. Essay about the arguement of fast food on traditional food - grammar, usage

billzz 1 / -  
Nov 3, 2016   #1
Nowadays, international fast food restaurants increasingly arise in many countries. In China, international fast food restaurants such as KFC and McDonald line up in the populated area, which have affected most of the local food business. Some may think the wide spread of fast food has a negative impact on both families and societies, but I think the traditional food is invincible.

Traditional food plays an important role in the relationship of families and boosting harmony of societies. While family members are gathering together and making traditional food, the sense of belonging to families is being promoted, even though this progress takes time. For instance, the preparations of making food are allocated to everyone in the family. Through this progress, family's members would talk about stimulating things happened around them and consequently those conversations enhance the mutual understanding among these family. Secondly, traditional food represents the local area as a cultural value. Additionally, some traditional food are representative of local myth, obviously, those are of a treasure trove for mythology. For protecting the cultural heritage, government advocates traditional food as a treasure among local residents.

People who live a fast pace of life and generally tend to work in high efficiency rather have a less-time lunch or dinner during break time. Finally, they have to eat fast food. However, fast food is highly in salt, sugar, fat and calories because of its large portions. As people known, eating fast food frequently will lead us to an unhealthy diet or result in medical problems. This can illustrate that people recognize the difference between fast food and traditional food, which is that fast food is an only choice for them to fulfill their stomach without an enjoyment and traditional food not only can eliminate hunger but also can please diners.

Overall, humanity is a species that chases for a better world and would protect the treasure of our world. On the basis of that, traditional food would not be replaced easily by fast food in terms of health and cultural value.

hanadyz 5 / 8 3  
Nov 5, 2016   #2
A great topic! You successfully discussed both views and summed up with your own. I would rather say that if you could add the nutritional value of traditional food and that it is almost made by natural products, that would be fine to emphasize about its importance. That's all if you want to.

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