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Fatally Ill People's Choice

The lives of fatally ill people should be ended

Do you agree or disagree?

Fatally ill People's Choice

These days, some diseases still do not have a medical cure. Patients with these diseases have two choices for their lives. Some people believe we should end the lives of fatally ill people. However, some oppose this view and think we should not end their lives. Today I will talk about why we should end the lives of fatally ill people, and my reasons are: to end suffering, to reduce the financial burden and to protect a patient's freedom of choice.

Firstly, fatally ill patients are suffering in pain because of their disease, and they do not have a choice to ending (or end?) this suffering. The pain of illness generally (is generally unnecessary?) continues all the time and is cruel for the patient. Further, if a patient wants to end his/her life, we should be respectful of his/her choice because we cannot understand what he/she is feeling.

Secondly, there are financial costs for families and governments. If we look at it from the government's point of view, taking care of patients is a burden. However, if a government reduces these costs, they can focus on improving other things such as health care for other people or new medical solutions for the fatally ill.Also, governments do not receive all the costs of taking care of a patient. If we look at it from the family's perspective, families should take credits if they do not have money for care as it affects the future for (for or of?) their life too.

All of these points show that patients should have a choice for his or her own (is own unnecessary?) life and if the patient wants to end their life, we should have respect for their decision.

The essay is for my university exam. It looks like IELTS 2. Thanks.

Without pain and suffering, there is no existence (not to mention 'no pain, no gain). Life is by design to be painful, so you may miss the point there. But you are right that for a government ill people who cannot produce anything and don't pay taxes are useless, so the sooner they are gone, the better. But think where it can lead - you may lose a leg in the future in an accident, but other than that you feel very well and want to live; still, since you cannot work, you are useless to a government, so you may expect a death panel to decide you should not live. Hopefully you like the choice of no-choice..

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