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"My father" - pls. help revise part of my P.S.

tonydengcnu 23 / 17  
Nov 25, 2008   #1
My father works as a senior IT researcher in RICOH, a prestigious Japanese company. Under his influence, I learned to play computer when I was very young, fix problems by myself and write small programs.

My father's research focuses on ubiquitous computing (Pervasive computing). He talks about "anywhere computer". In the future, computer will not be what it looks like now. It will be invisible and its use is embedded in daily life. It can think like human but cost as little as paper. I even dreamed to design "Fluid Bio-computer". Its form can be adjusted to the container: cells working as BUS, computation completed in cell group and transformed by fluid.

From the information I obtain from your website, I know your university if famous for its top-rated computer program. If I am lucky enough to get enrolled, I will learn diligently and contribute to my home country.

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