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fatherhood and motherhood is important in children life

ihtisham khalid 1 / -  
Jan 14, 2012   #1
Fatherhood ought to be emphasised as much as motherhood. The idea women are solely responsible for decding wether or not to have babies leads on to the idea that thay are also responsible for the children up."

Fatherhood also be important as much motherhood important in childrean life . The bothe parents effect deractly the education ande the life style of ther chalidrean. this thoughat should be explain in so many ways and with the examples.

when we take a look in around of us we can obsever that the chalidrean is a miner of ther pareants . All chalidrean represent there pareant whith there behaver and ther life style . if chalidren caree the both motherhood and fatherhood with deep impact or intrest in ther education and life style so thay cane be a example of the shine chaldren hows the career is so bright .

Chalidren also took pareants as a rool modle of ther life , boys wish that he will got the giral friend or life patener like his mother or other hand girals alo want the person of his life like his father so that if any on piral in note sport the chaldren the bahaver of chaldrean totly be change thay could be going be rong way .

The bring chalidrean is also be need so attion of ther parients in a past when wo mane is not goin for job the total responsbilty of the chalid on he but now there modren life woman going for job so she has not inafh time for chalidren then sha need the help of his basbend wo give the help when she is tired and not feel well . the single woman and man face may dificultry when then have the chalid thay chlould not took all rasponsbilty after thay give full intantion some important thing should be remain which effect a great impact or there chalidren .

I am total agree with this daffination that mother and father both is important for chalid.

anonymous124 4 / 6  
Jan 15, 2012   #2
You have many spelling and grammatical errors. Please go over the text once again and use a spell checker. You seem to be very weak in this area. Seek professional help from your teacher or someone who can give advice on this.

Plus, structure of essay is important. Separate paragraphs and differentiate the issues.

Hope this helps :)

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