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Essay about how should we file the complaint that is most effective?

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Jul 8, 2018   #1

Methods of writing an official complain

With the advanced technology, many products have been invented to resolve dilemmas in our daily lives. The transaction, as an example, frequently exists some problems. If I had to complain to the seller about the detective items, I would do it over the phone. My reasons for taking a stance regarding to the issue will be expounded in the following paragraphs.

In communication, humanizing the social formality, the wisdom assembled by all the people in the world has been in favor of closing the interpersonal distance. Thus, the phone was born, which has also derived some sorts of the phone for the past years such as cellphone, smartphone and so on. Otherwise, they can not only be used anytime and anywhere, but not be influenced by the inclement weather. In contrast, if you intend to complain to the seller in person, you might either waste much time for taking the vehicle and sticking in traffic jam or encounter the ineluctable accident.

Irrefutably, e-mail has the same advantage of the phone, but it couldn't let the communication be got on with at that time. Once one of the parties is offline, and the other party has to wait for the response for a long time until the next time who receives the e-mail. Nevertheless, complaining over the phone doesn't exist the drawback stated above and it can even imply the tone to make the conversation more vivacious. Sometimes it would facilitate the benign development of complaint, instead of misunderstanding the meaning resulted from the description in e-mail.

Based on these above reasons, I consider complaining over the phone more efficient to expound on the complaint than by e-mail and in person.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,051 2730  
Jul 9, 2018   #2
Vincent, although you made a wise choice in choosing to complain over the phone, you did not support your stance in a convincing manner. You spoke of many things, but none of which connected with the reason why placing a complaint over the phone is the most advantageous in your opinion. You need to present reasons that support your stance such as:

1. One does not need to go to the shop to file a complaint which would mean losing important time to do other things to travel time to and from the shop.

2. All items these days have toll free numbers where a person can call to ask for help in using an item or file a complaint regarding a broken item / enforce an item warranty.

3. Even if a person does not have a landline phone, he can file his complaint using his mobile phone.
4. You speak to the company representative directly instead of a salesperson at the store so your complaint is resolved much sooner than if you had gone back to the store.

Other similar justifications regarding phone complaint benefits would have properly supported your given opinion. At this point, none of your reasons align with the required discussion for your chosen method of complaining to a company.

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