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Film import in comparison to self-production

tunglinh0907 8 / 18 3  
Jul 22, 2017   #1
Topic: Some people think that it is good for a country's culture to import foreign movies and TV programs. Others think that it is better to produce these locally. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

purchasing international programs or self-making productions?

People have conflicting opinions about the effectiveness of foreign film import as opposed to self-production. While importing foreign movies could benefit one nation in many aspects, I believe that it would be better for a country to create movies for their citizens.

There are certain reasons for which governments should permit film import. First of all, broadcasting various types of movie can increase the number of viewers, which will certainly bring more profit for film companies. It is obvious that diverse range of movie types will undoubtedly appeal more viewers as there are more options to choose. Another reason is local citizens can have a deeper insight into different cultures and traditional values of other nations. As they have access to distinct customs, they can draw some good lessons from other peoples. For instance, there are many good manners of Japanese that locals can learn and alter their behaviors such as the habit of queuing or people can learn the way Western people say "thank you" and "sorry". Lastly, importing films from other countries is an effective way to study second languages.

On the other hand, I argue that local programs and movies will exert more positive influences on national art and culture. As we all know, self-producing movies and programs can create more careers for citizens. National production can lead to an increase in jobs for those who have a burning desire to be actors, actress or film makers. Another advantage of creating domestic programs is it will make native values survive, and even flourish. By watching local documentaries, locals can have a good understanding of cultural identity and therefore, it will help to preserve native culture and local lifestyle. In sharp contrast, one possible consequence if international programs have become so pervasive in one country is people may underestimate and lose interest on local tradition and values.

In conclusion, even though purchasing international programs gives rise to numerous merits,I believe that self-making films plays an indispensable role in cultural development.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,971 2694  
Jul 22, 2017   #2
Tung, your essay lacks proper discussion developments that could have better represented a cohesive and coherent discussion. I think that this problem stems from your desire to discuss both points of view in one paragraph so that you can conclude with a personal opinion. I am not sure if you have been instructed not to do this by your tutor because that is what I would tell you once I review your work. This essay does not properly represent the prompt requirements for a number of reasons.

The major problem that I see is that you were being asked to discuss 2 reasons. One is the side that supports the importation of foreign films and the other, the side that seeks to have more locally produced movies. You discussed the locally produced side only from a personal point of view. The prompt requires a public point of view discussion prior to your personal point of view discussion. This representation is also missing from your prompt paraphrasing in the opening statement. It is because of this error in discussion that you ended up showing that you did not understand the task requirements, which led to you changing the prompt instructions to something that you decided to do on your own. This would be an automatic fail in the actual test. The score won't be higher than a 3.

When the instruction states that you have to discuss both points of view and then your personal opinion, that is exactly what you have to do. This essay represents only 2 of the requirements. It also has an improperly developed concluding statement because of the lack of proper discussion summary prior to your closing line.

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