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How the film industry portrays women and men in a particular role ( Genre Movie)

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Oct 12, 2016   #1
Please help me on Fixing grammars, and running sentences, .....etc. Thank you so much

How the film industry portray male and female

Women stared everything without any help of man's power to step in, for over almost a hundred of years women ensure many unequal treats by the society and government. In the 1869, the Fifteenth Amendment passed to abolish black folks from working under their planter owners, give them rights to be citizenship and right to vote. Those changed the election of Ulysses S. Grant turned out majority black voters have vote in favor of Republican to nominate Ulysses S. Grant to be president. During this time periods, women have not succeeded in any participation in any reform, especially women wanted to be conservatism in this Reconstruction era. Anxiously and effortless, to feel that women are citizens too, but why the government have not give them a recognition on their privilege rights in any particular reforms policies. In the American society and the rest of the world people believed that women should be home taking care of the child, cooking, and doing chores. But women have shown their sympathies in joining their husbands working labor to help family putting meals on the table, when the industrialized revolution arrived, many big businesses competitive to be monopoly.And Once one of them succeeded to that point, the biggest head abusive their powers to control paying the workers more and less wages, not even enough food for them to put in the table feed their families. So women have to sacrifice themselves to working in the factories, they are working as hard as their men are but the paying wages is still less than half of what their men made. Beside, working hard at the factories, they are then have to go home cook for family and take care their children, multi-tasking. Women felt so left out in this society, they wanted to show that women are strong, what their men can do? So why can't they?. The population of women working in the factories had increased rapidly throughout years which help contribute the economic growth in the America. But the women rights has not improve or notice by any government officials or congressmen, why is that? Because the people still believe that men's power is most important contribute in the society, and woman just a support key to their successes. In the other hand, When men had work for a long day, after dismissed to their shifts, he would stop by a saloon. Saloon was a hottest spot entertainment back then when the industrial just arrived, people tempt to realize all men need something to release their stresses and have fun after a long day working at the factories. So he would stop by a saloon or a bar to have a drink and hanging out with their mates, have fun talking and joking around while his woman working hard to help him put meals on the table for their kids, but he did not realize that his woman is the one suffer the most behind the curtain when he thinks that he is the household in the family and he should have at least some funs before going home to start a new day tomorrow. Yes, it is absolutely okay for a man to just have fun and some conversations about their work places or discussion about sports. But it is unacceptable for him to spent all his checks and went home raised their hands on his beloved wife, who is caring and loving him. And this can be addressed in Natalie Angier wrote: " Yes, men can do impressive in their tendency to self-destruct, explosively or gradually. They are at least twice as likely as women to be alcoholics and three times more like to be drug addicts" ( Angier 1008). Where his woman hurry try to finish their work shift of the day and rushing back home to get prepare meals for their kids and her husbands. Men expect a lot from his woman from house chores to everything. Judy Syfers wrote " I want a wife who will not bother me with rambling. I want a wife who will type my papers for me when i have written, I want a wife who is sensitive to my sexual needs" (Syfers 1016). Is it too much to ask for a wife?, men always can have what they are asking for. Since the world is changing over time, women slowly showing their contribute to society. When the industrial revolution has finally appeared, more technology advance, then there are many different industries going come along soon such as film industry. Especially people was captivated by the action genre movie, where men leading character and become a hero. There she is with just a supporting role being his love or someone just cross by in the movie, women in this industry rarely have any chance to impress themselves to the director because men have more special treatments than women. As of today, the film industry still portrays unequal treatment between male and female in action movies with commercial requirement, physical appearance, and their role in the play.

Female actors receive less and less role in the play. This can be show in the article name "How the women of Hollywood call out gender inequality by Mary Sollos": "Studies conducted throughout 2015 showed that there are still ridiculously few films being made with female protagonists; that there are even fewer being helmed by female directors; that when there are no women in directing and producing roles, there are likely to be fewer in below-the-line positions as well; and that basically all gender statistics in all areas of filmmaking are terrible, but among animated films, they're slightly less terrible" (Sollos 1). This article has effectively speaking out her opinion in the Hollywood films making, because women only have know by supporting to the main character, where she is falling in love or rescue by her hero. Her frame seem to be kind of depend on the main character when people only have know her by the main character. There is always can be replaceable supporting actors, really when there are ton of females actors to have a role in the scene. The reality have shown no place for women in the film industry. When male actor placed him the comfort zone because he is already know what role is he going to play. When she more frustrate the un-equality role involved in the play, may be time have change many aspects about women as they gained more rights and have more freedom but there are still some obstacles blocking people mind to understand that women can do great things just like men do.

Typically, some commercial requirement men are more attractive in physical appearance, where men are sexism, strength and dominance not age limit is set for male actor the older is the more attractive they are. But the women have will not have any partial credit to any of that, the more less and less job opportunities for them as they getting older Julia T. Wood wrote: "Women are portrayed as significantly younger and thinner than women in the population as a whole, and most are depicted as passive, dependent on men, and enmeshed in relationships or housework (Davis, 1990). The requirements of youth and beauty in women even influence news shows, where female newscasters are expected to be younger, more physically attractive, and less outspoken than males"( Wood 3).

The commercial requires many things for women much more than men, where she has to be in shape, been attractive to the men, the clothes must be provided by the film's maker people choose women to wear certain clothes to identified as sexual display to the audience. There is no enough the problem with demanding that women give in to the modesty police is that there is no end to these demands. If we eliminate the most revealing clothing currently being worn, men will get turned on by the next most revealing outfits, and soon those will be banned too. It ends up with women in burqas, and men arguing about whether women should be allowed to show their eyes or should have to look out at the world through a thick screen. And she is uncomfortable wearing revealing clothes, in fact in the article called "Are you okay with her wearing revealing clothes?" "Men love to see their women being appreciated and applauded for all her skills as a home maker and a mother, but when it comes to wearing clothes that would make other men turn around and notice, then they are usually not very happy with it. Gaurav Srivastav, a young unmarried man, says, "When a woman wears clothes that bare all and are provocative, then all men are bound to stare at her and I would not like my girl to be an object of scrutiny."( TNN 2). Unfortunately, men can dress casually or shirtless without any complaints from anyone and the audience consider it a sight of showing strong and sexism of the man. They are more focus on the male character than female character through screen.

Throughout, there are still many obstacles for women have to face because the film industry still portrays unequal treatment between male and female in action movies with commercial requirement, physical appearance, and their role in the play. "I hate the way female directors have to look good. When I was younger, I used to fantasise about being a man. I'd think: Oh, if I were a man, I'd walk in here and it would all be simpler. I wouldn't have to be self-conscious"(Davis 1). Hopefully as the world change women should have recognize more in the film industry.

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Oct 13, 2016   #2
Hello An Nguyen, this is some correction from me and feel free to correct me too!

In the 1869, the Fifteenth Amendment passed.....

.......give them rights to be citizenship and rightto vote.

....especially women wanted to be conservatism in ...

.....but why the government havedo not give them a recognition....

In the American society societies and the rest of the world, people believed that ...

Please notice about your grammatical and also about compound-complex sentences, thank you!
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thank you so much! Is there anymore mistake i have to fix?

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