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Film review on MEN IN BLACK - A-list stars, an excellent production team

wroeykid09 2 / 8  
Jan 28, 2013   #1
Men in Black take it back....in time
We revisit the action in the Men in Black franchise with another smash hit full to the brim of A-list stars, an excellent production team and a whole host of aliens, once again threatening to destroy the Earth. With a budget of $225,000,000 this is truly packed with great talent. We are joined once more by the two previous main characters Will Smith, who since the last instalment has thoroughly established his Hollywood star credentials in hits such as Hitch, I am Legend and Hancock, and Tommy Lee Jones Agent K. in this film Jones plays much a smaller role as the cast go back in time where we meet the younger Agent K, Josh Brolin.

The main hope of this new role is that he gels well with will smith and they make the same funny and exciting partnership as the previous films, and to review it they work very well together and Josh Brolin looks strangely like a young tommy lee jones. He has the same humorous dead pan approach and straight faced expression which we have loved over the past 2 films.

In this film the budget is used well and we can tell this by the dazzling array of special effects, music and obviously the cast and crew. We see a whole host of crazy aliens in this film and they are all made to look as spectacular as possible with the craziest faces and amazing scenes of spaceships.

The film begins by us seeing Nicole Scherzinger, a famous pop star, taking a cake to an inmate in a prison, Boris the Animal, a bogladite alien played by actor Jemaine Clement. However unknown to the guards inside the cake is a hidden part of Boris which is key to him escaping from prison. Until the cakes inner secret is revealed we see Boris as just a normal prisoner but we then realise he is an alien, and we soon find he has a past with Agent K, who 30 years ago shot of his arm. Boris breaks out of the prison and we then find that he has been imprisoned on the moon. Now he's out, and he's back for revenge.

Throughout the film there are dangerous times where Agents J and K both come close to death or being lost in time forever, but of course the shrug them off with ease until we reach the final stages of the film where the main fight takes place. But of course I don't want to spoil it so no spoilers.

To conclude this review I think that after a long 10 years since the last Men in Black this is a worthy film, filled with great stuff to satisfy the fan boy geeks to the normal cinema goers in one sublime swoop. It's definitely worth the watch and it certainly will take a Neuralyzer to wipe this film from my memory.

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Jan 28, 2013   #3
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LewisBirty 1 / 5  
Jan 28, 2013   #4
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Jan 28, 2013   #5
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Jan 28, 2013   #7
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Jan 28, 2013   #8
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