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Film Spectators in Asian and Europe Countries

movie theaters in four countries

The table illustrates the total number of movie theather among four countries in Europe and Asian. Overall, at the first glanced it was evident that the highest spectators for film is reached by India in total.

Looking at the details, there was a higher spectators in action movie for all countries which was India as the top rank at eight millions viewer. This is followed by Irland reaching 7.6 millions spectator. Meanwhile, a lower than 7.5 millions spectators is seen in both New Zealand and Japan. In romance film, the second greatest of spectators witness with a domination is still shown by India.

Turning to the another genre, horror movies in all countries had a lowest viewer compared to another genre at 15.8 million spectators, in which Irland was the biggest in this genre. Both asians countries, show the same number of spectators at under 2.6 million in horror film. This places them into the lowest position of spectators.

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