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Ielts writing task 2 - Films making

lennie2104 1 / -  
Aug 28, 2020   #1
Task 2: Nowadays it is not only large companies that can make films. Digital technology enables anyone to produce films.

Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

Films production has been acknowledged as a costly investment, which can only be afforded by big firms. However, the rapid development of digital technology allows even individuals to make movies. I believe that the use of state-of-the-art technology in film making is a positive trend.

Digital technology is beneficial to the film industry in various aspects. First and foremost, financial issues have been a great deterrent to filmmaking newbies. Yet cutting-edge technology involved in producing movies allows passionate youngsters to bring their ideas to the big screen with a micro-budget. In addition, the film crew will be given a scope for creativity without the concerns about revenue since hi-tech has helped to reduce the expenses. The film creators, therefore, can focus on contents and the messages conveyed in order to contribute valuable works of art to the world's heritage.

Digital age opens up opportunities for small film production teams as well as talented actors and actresses to rise. Many blockbusters produced by large studios bombard audiences with visual effects and good-looking actors. Nonetheless, because of poor storyline and shallow messages, nothing remains in audiences' mind as soon as they leave the cinema. By contrast, low-budget indie films produced using simple equipments such as a camera and and a computer are attracting attention for their extraordinary plots. Competent actors and actresses nowadays also seek for these content-centered projects so as to flaunt their acting skills and gain public recognition.

In conclusion, technological innovations open a new era which anyone can produce films. Since there are no limitations to human's creativity, numerous masterpieces will be made perpetually.

(265 words)

QuocHuu 7 / 14  
Aug 28, 2020   #2
You may try to extend your essay by adding more self experiences or state some example that you know because 265 words is just about reaching the limit (250) ( a paragrapt approximately 300 words may be better
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,325 3356  
Aug 28, 2020   #3
The first paragraph needs to be better presented. It lacks proper discussion development in relation to how a micro budget, based on the current digital film making trend has become useful to film makers. Explain why this is so and how it happened. Justify your reason. That way the last 2 explanations you provide will be better anchored to the first part of the presentation. It will add to the clarity of the reasoning provided.

Try not to open each paragraph with the same word (Digital) as there should be a clear presentation of alternative terms in the essay. Using the same word every time could limit your LR score as it will show a limited English range on your part. By the way, your second reasoning paragraph is far better explained than the first one. Try to aim for the same type of clarity in all your paragraphs next time.

Your concluding paragraph fails to properly restate the preceding discussion. As such, it cannot be considered a proper recap of the presented topics. Use 3-5 paraphrased sentences, based on your reasoning presentation and the original topic, to accomplish this task next time.

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