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Personal financial senior high school.

Dec 2, 2016   #1
Personal financial senior high school.

Tanvee patankar is TEDx speaker she become speaker in 2016 and she said that personal finance for teens was incredible important because teens need arrange and they should learn about budgeting money and how to deal with it. Recently, financial management issue is the huge problem in particular in juvenile. It is mainly because teenager is build period in all of life aspects. Although it is not compulsory but financial management will teach teenager how to manage their money in the future. This is will easiest when children start learn how to manage financial since senior high school because in this period people problem not complicated ye,t so children have big chance to learn in this part. In addition, when people fail to learn financial management, they will vulnerable from financial crash in the future, because they will face global market which get rid of every one who cannot survive.

source: TEDx

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Dec 2, 2016   #2
Tanvee patankarPatankar(the name of people) is TEDx speaker,(Comma) she becomeS(Subject Verb Agreement) speaker in 2016.

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