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The finding of two studies that aims to ask workers which the varied skills should they have.

Abrahamlincoln 54 / 56  
Dec 6, 2016   #1
Writing Task 1 - Which communication skills are essential in your job?

The given table illustrates the finding of two studies, in 1997 and 2006. It aims to ask workers which the varied skills should they have. It is noticeable that in term of external communication, dealing with people had the highest number while listening carefully to colleagues was an essential ability to communicate with the internal party.

Selling product or service skill was the lowest percentage over the period of time, it was at 24 and 21 respectively. However, the skill of knowledge of particular products or services increased slightly from 35 to 41 and it overtook advising or caring for customers or clients in the second position in 2006.

Meanwhile, listening carefully to colleagues was a vital skill within the company. Its percentage increased significantly to just under a half in 2006. In contrast, making speeches or presentations was the most peripheral ability, however, its figure showed a slight increment by 4 in 2006.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,212 2321  
Dec 6, 2016   #2
Lincoln, there was only one study covering 2 questions presented in the chart. So you made a mistake in your summary overview regarding that part of the information provided. You need to be careful when presenting information from the essay. You will be losing points for those mistakes. You should also have proceeded to divide your single long sentence into 2 sentences so that you could have met the minimum 3 sentence requirement per paragraph for this task. Sadly, meeting the minimum sentence requirement per paragraph was a consistent problem in your essay.

I am not as concerned with your grammatical problems as I am with the way that you were unable to meet the immediate requirements of the essay for one reason alone. You manage to include all of the required information from the chart in the essay, but in the wrong paragraph format. One major error can create a major deduction in your points. That is why I am very concerned with the presentation of your essay. Remember this, make it your mantra "3 sentences minimum , 5 maximum sentences per paragraph" and you should be able to meet the format requirement every time you write a task 1 essay.

As for the grammar accuracy, don't worry about it. You did well in terms of presenting the information from the essay. Like I said, it is not the grammar that should be of concern here. Rather, the fact that you are unable to divide your sentences into proper complex or simple sentences is what you should focus on improving in your upcoming essays.

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