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IELTS TASK 1 : Findland Telephone calls

SHanafi 120 / 415 93  
Mar 9, 2014   #1
The bar chart shows the number of telephone calls in terms of local landline, national and international landline and mobiles in Finland over a 9 year period from 1995 to 2004.

Overall, the three categories: local landline, national-and-international landline and Mobile show a parallel increase after the starting point, although local landline category experienced a downward trend in the last four year of the course.

As per the bar chart, national-and-international calls increased gradually from 6000 million minutes in 1995 to 10000 million minutes in 2004, a rise about 4000 minutes calls. Occupying 12000 minutes calls in 1995, the local landline doubled in number compared to the national and international landline calls recorded in the same years. The local landline recorded as the main communication media using by Finland's residents. After a short peak period in 2001, the figure for local landline dropped consecutively to finish at 12000 calls, a similar number of such figure in 1995.

Finland residents were less likely to use mobiles, even though the record showed that it gained the highest improvement of the overall categories. It start closely to zero calls then underwent a little dip in 1999 prior to rose sharply nearly 10000 minutes in the last statistic year. However, the gap between three categories had narrowed considerably over the second half of the period in question, although local landlines were the still popular in 2004.

agi 13 / 30 4  
Mar 9, 2014   #2
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dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Mar 10, 2014   #3
The given chart reveals the information of Finlandthree types of telephone calls from 1995 to 2004 which divide into three categories.

Generally,Overall, the calls made by mobiles, national and international andlocal landlines involves as the category of the telephone calls. These features show a gradual increase pattern except thewhile calls taken by local-landlineswhich decreased slightly in the last four years.
OP SHanafi 120 / 415 93  
Mar 11, 2014   #4
hi, Agi.

there are good instruction of how to write this pattern essay. Find essay with this pattern and write same as that essay.

Thank you for this suggestion

Dumi, I have confused in hypen (-) using did you have any suggestion link for me which explain about that. Thank you.

Pahan 1 / 1,906 553  
Mar 18, 2014   #5
I don't get your question quite rightly, but I guess you are asking how hyphen is used in sentences. Well this is what I found for you;

Hyphens are used to link words and parts of words. They are not as common today as they used to be, but there are three main cases where you should use them:

in compound words
to join prefixes to other words
to show word breaks

Check on this link: oxforddictionaries.com/words/hyphen
OP SHanafi 120 / 415 93  
Mar 18, 2014   #6
asking how hyphen is used in sentences

yap, this is what I mean, thank you :D
Apr 14, 2014   #7
On the other hand, the red chart was increased steadily throughout the survey.
I think the 'chart' should be substituted by 'bar' and the word 'was' before increased should be deleted .
dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Apr 14, 2014   #8
Ok, I too got a link for you. Try this: quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/how-to-use-a-hyphen?page= all

By the way, when are you taking up the exam? I think you have already done good amount of practicing here too.... Hope they all, including our feedbacks, would help you at the exam. Wish you good luck at IELTS! Once you get results, let us know ! Good Luck again!
OP SHanafi 120 / 415 93  
Apr 14, 2014   #9
Hi, Dumi. Thank you for your caring and your patience. How lucky I am while you and other contributors always help me with advance.
I consider to take exam May or June . Yap I do many practices but honestly, I still afraid to take exam :(. Most of my essays made for hours sometimes 1 essay for a day. Talking about the exam result, I am very glad to inform you all. Once again thank you :DDDD
eddies [Contributor] 25 / 1,208 476  
May 8, 2014   #10
a few words:

As per the basic rule, a paragraph is a collection of related sentences dealing with a single topic.
You have one idea and several bits of supporting evidence within a single paragraph.

Coherence within a paragraph is crucial to IELTS writing.

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