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The first chart below shows how energy is used in an average Australian household. The second chart

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Nov 7, 2022   #1

energy usage in an average Australian household

The pie charts compare the proportions of energy use in an average Australian household through six activities, and the percentage of the greenhouse gas emissions from those actions.

Overall, it can be seen that heating contains the largest proportion of energy use, while the opposite is true for cooling. Additionally, water heating has the largest percentage of gas emission out of six aspects. Furthermore, cooling has the lowest amount of gas exhaust.

Regarding the first chart, the percentage of consumed energy is highest in heating, at 42%, followed by water heating and other appliances, with 30% and 15% respectively. 7% of energy is expensed in refrigeration, whilst powders in lighting account for 4%. Besides, energy consumed in cooling was the least, at only 2%.

In terms of the second chart, 32% of gas emission is created by water heating, similar to that of other actions, at 28%. Heating contains 15%, which is 1% higher than the figure for refrigeration. The amount of gas exhaust in lighting is much lower, at 8%, while cooling only almost half of that, at 3%.
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Nov 7, 2022   #2
When developing the summary overview, separate the image identifiers and the respective image content. That is to clearly indicate how the division of information is set out, even without giving the actual number of images provided. Remove the confusion about which image informs about what. It is always clearer to say :

"Pie Chart A indicates the proportion of energy used... Pie chart B supports this information by indicating information related to..."

The trending paragraph would also benefit from a much clearer reference that clearly relates the image, the information and the trend. Just format the presentation to something similar to the example above. These clarified presentations will allow the exam taker to gain a higher preliminary TA score.

Overall, the information sharing is acceptable throughout the presentation. However, the way the images relate to the information remain confusing and unclear to the reader. A major factor for the reduction in the C+C and GRA score of this essay. Learn to create clearer sentences that prioritize clarity for scoring purposes over the quickness by which the information is shared. Every paragraph is allowed up to 5 sentences or 200 words (whichever comes first) anyway.
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Nov 7, 2022   #3
As usual, people often write their Overview in the last paragraph?

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