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(Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat) - My Favorite Book

inform 8 / 21  
Jun 1, 2012   #1
Favorite Book :-

This is a short essay. This is for TOEFL speaking section with time limit 45 secs. So request you to give your ideas. Check if it is short , if grammar is correct , whether flow or ideas are proper.


My favorite book is Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat. I like this book because it is written in simple English.
Firstly, this book is easy to understand as written in lucid English. I could finish reading the whole books in just one day.
Secondly, this book includes a story of three students in a college and I like to read about college students as it reminds me to my college days. Some incidents like ragging are humorously portrayed in the book.

Thirdly, the book is written in such a fashion that I was always inquisitive to know about the next chapter. I was so much absorbed in the book that I ended up reading it for the whole day continuously.

These are the reasons why this book is my favorite book.

Words : 132 ( Just for your reference ).

PS : My ending does not include words like :"In the end/ To conclude" due to time limit. I need to be direct.

ana_p 27 / 81  
Jun 1, 2012   #2
Sounds Good...:)

I can understand about time. I would suggest, it will be better if you practice by recording instead of writing. You will know about your flow, speaking speed and pronunciation. I think above ideas are perfect and sufficient for 45sec.

Hope this helps:)

Good Luck!

OP inform 8 / 21  
Jun 2, 2012   #3
Thanks a lot Ana and Carlos for your reviews.

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