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Fixed punishment for each type of crime? DISCUSS

mppaniz 3 / 6  
Jun 25, 2012   #1
Fix punishments

Fix punishment for criminal behaviours is a very controversial debate, which has two sides. One group of society believe that there should be an identical penalty for a specific crime, while other group believe that, to punish a crime, other involving factors should be considered. Therefore, these two strong opinions will be analyse in this essay.

On the one hand, it has claimed that, fix punishments can reduce the crime rate in the human society and some reasons are introduced to prove this statement. For example, it is evidenced that an identical penalty for an individual crime may stop a criminal person to commit a crime by reconsidering the consequences of its behaviour. Also, fix penalties can prevent a soft judgment, which can lead to unsuitable punishments for crime offenders. As it can be seen, nowadays, the punishments do not fit the crimes.

In the other hand, it has claimed that a judge should have authorities to order different penalties for individuals based on other factors, which contributed to commit a crime. For instance, may somebody was forced to defence him or herself and consequently involve in an antisocial behaviour. Moreover, maybe someone has a psychological problem and could not control their behaviours. Thus, a judge should consider all the situation and circumstance which cause a crime.

By considering, these two claims I suppose there should be a fix penalty for an individual anti social behaviour, although some flexibility should be add to the law to consider specific cases and circumstances.

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