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"Flipped" - Write a movie review that you are interested.

littledinosaur 2 / 4 1  
Mar 22, 2020   #1

'a refreshing breath'

In recent years, when the film industry is full of mind-numbing flicks with no creativity of school love stories, "Flipped" is a refreshing breath like one of the glourious fall days that will make you remember the first time falling in love.

Based on the original novel by Wendelin Van Draanen, "Flipped" is a thought-provoking story of a Junior High boy and girl in the early 60s. It is abouy 8 years in the lives of two kids who meet when one of them moves into a new neighborhood. Juli is instantly smitten by Bryce right from the second time she sees him drive up to his new house. Bryce, being a typical second grader, finds her attention embarrassing and appalling. Though disappointed by Bryce's unwillingness to see things her way, Juli continues to give her potential dreamboat to pursue him for eternity without drawing closer. Eventually, in the touching finale, Bryce finds himself on the other side of the equation and has to win back the girl whom he used to be indifferent to.

That the film's story is set in the 60s is probably a rational decision of the director Rob Reiner. He creates a nostalgic atmosphere to the movie with the mid-20th-century romantic soundtrack Let it be me and stunning scenes, for example, an idyllic village or a peaceful school environment, all of which reminds viewers of a tranquil childhood. As we watch the characters grow up, we become more involved in the intricacies and challenges that their families face. Indeed, the feeling that "Flipped" evokes is hard to put into words, which is best felt from heart.

Additionally, the cast is absolutely remarkable as two main free-spirited actors Madeline Carroll along with Callan McAuliffe fervently perform in their roles and their own surroundings. The chemistry between them is average when Juli realizes that Bryce has redeemed himself, she still holds his hands despite having been opposite in all sense.

With this review, "Flipped" might be evaluated as a cliché scenario that is only appropriate for teenagers. However, it is a movie for adults. "Flipped" is reminiscent of, for adults to return to childhood, the innocence and bewilderment of early life vibrations. The film is not a genre of drama or hot love as seen in Hollywood movies, but I flip for Flipped as it has left me with lots of impressions.

P/S: I'd love to recieve your sincere comment and feedback. Thank you in advance for supporting me.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,037 4251  
Mar 23, 2020   #2
This is one confusing movie review. Your tone is choppy, there is no central theme to the review, no story backgrounder, no character development targets, no story analysis regarding sub-stories and main stories. No character comparisons, no reference to the cinematography, the list of the no's for this review just go on and on and on. This is a review that was created not by watching the movie. It was created by your reading and paraphrasing the reviews of other people who had seen the movie already either on Rotten Tomatoes or iMDB. You have learned how to paraphrase other people's words, you have not learned to write what you actually thought of the movie.

A movie review is based on the following:
- An overview of the story (based on a novel, play, etc)
- A character analysis of the main protagonists
- A description of the setting in relation to character development. Why is the setting important to the character? How does the setting and music help move the story forward?

- A review of the directors approach to acting, camera angles, basic cinematography
- A comparison of the differences between the book and the movie
- What makes the movie successful and the book an inferior version or vice versa
- A recommendation regarding watching or skipping the movie

Your movie review is choppy in presentation because you did not properly direct the essay you were writing. There was no ultimate goal for the writing. You reviewed the work of other people and tried to copy the writing style of others. Which is why your presentation is uneven and wandering in focus. Next time, you need to actually watch the movie and write what you think of it using academic presentation requirements. You need to remember that you are practicing to write for an academic setting. So the Rotten Tomatoes and iMDB approach to movie reviews, as written by their members, does not apply.
OP littledinosaur 2 / 4 1  
Mar 23, 2020   #3
I'd like to thank you for your contribution. This is the first time I try to get accustomed to reviewing, I'll pratice more to show my emtional and my real evaluation.

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