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The flow chart illustrates the procedure of recycling plastic containers

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Aug 1, 2022   #1

the process for recycling plastic bottles

The flow chart illustrates the procedure of recycling plastic containers. In general, this process consists of nine steps which are happened in several places.

As can be seen from the flow chart, to begin with, plastic containers are disposed of and put into recycling bins, which are collected to recycled trucks. Then, plastic bottles which are gathered to these trucks are transported to a recycling centre. Next, at the recycling centre, plastic bottles are separated from metal, plass or other non-recyclable rubbish; also, they are sorted by the type of plastic they are made from. After that, plastic bottles which are recyclable are compressed into cubic bales in order to be more easy to transport.

Turning to the next five steps of the flow chart, plastic cubic bales are then delivered to a factory where they are ground into plastic flakes. Before these flakes are melt to form plastic pellets, they are washed to remove liquid, food or chemical residue. Once plastic pellets are ready to be heated and bundled up, they are packed into raw material. After that, plastic raw material is distributed to many different factories where this type of material is manufactured to plastic items and other kinds of products. Then, these products are used and placed in recycling bin to start a new cycle of recycling.
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Aug 2, 2022   #2
Always keep in mind that there is a 20 minute time limit for perfecting the information presentation in this task. Such a time frame only allows for 200 words written in the final form. The draft being composed of no more than 150 words to allow for 50 additional words during the final edit. This essay obviously did not pass through a final editing form.

When writing the trending statement for an illustrative diagram, the writer should make sure to use the starting procedure and ending procedure point along with the number of steps involved. Failure to do so creates a useless / non-informative trending reference. It does not help the report reach a good preliminary score.

One cannot refer to "as can be seen in the chart" or "turning to" since the reader is assumed to not have any access to the image being reported on. Therefore, the references should be in a factual report format, without needing the reader to look at any references to understand the report. This is not an acceptable starting discussion form for the reporting paragraphs.

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