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IELTS TASK 1: The flowchart illustrates the steps in the process of chocolate production.

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Jun 24, 2021   #1

How is Chocolate Made

The chocolate production process is depicted in the given illustrations. In order to make the familiar chocolate products, cacao beans, the main ingredient to make chocolate, usually experience three main stages which are being harvested, transported and processed in the manufacturer.

Cacao, a tree with fist-sized nearly-brown red pods, is popular and familiar to farmers in certain parts of the world like South America, Africa or Indonesia. The wet white beans inside the cacao pods are collected when they are ripe. These beans are then fermented and hydrated under the sun. The dried beans packed in sacks are shipped to factories via road or sea.

Then at the producer's facilities, high heat is used to fully roast the beans. They are continuously transferred to the next large pot-shaped machine whose function is to crush the beans so as to get rid of the outer shells and send the flesh to the pressing step. The beans are constantly pressed and blended by thick-wheel gear until the solid beans finally turn into a liquid substance which is called chocolate.
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This is a strong procedural explanation. The depiction of the cacao making process is such that the vader can easily imagine the creation process even without an image presentation. There do not appear to be any missing presentations at the start and middle of the process. The last part is also well explained. The quick writing process shows a thorough explanation of the drawings. The writer also took pains to proofread, revise, and edit the report. This is one of the better written versions of this task presentation. It was done well enough to merit a passing score in all the scoring divisions. The writer is off to a good start with this practice essay and shows the potential to create good Task 1 essays in the future.

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