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Dec 6, 2009   #1
I have already read twelve Russian fair tales,and they inspired me to write the following story.
Please read the fairy tale which I had made up and help me improve writing skill by your comment on grammar, punctuation and vocabulary


Once upon a time, there lived a tree in the top of hill near the poor man's hut. He named Ivan. He was an orphan and too poor to get married. After all day long working, he often leaned on the stump of tree to rest. It was dawning, he never forgot to sprinkle the tree with fresh waters. When he felt sad, he often complained his miserableness with the tree.

-If I were a girl, I would be married with you- said the tree

-Thank you for your wish. Anyway, you make me reduce my grieves- the man responded and leaning on the stump of tree. While he sighed, the tree called breeze coming to comfort him. When he dozed off under the tree. She stretched her bough to cover up for him preventing cold caused for evening dew and strong wind.

He lived a poor life for coming the time he died. When he died, the tree very unhappy. From that day on nobody sprinkled her with fresh water any more. She became dry up and die too.

After they died for a very very long time, Ivan was re-born in a poor family. His parents died early leaving him alone. But he was beloved of all people around him because he had a strong will and was talent. In a contest to look for husband for Eliza, the rich farmer's daughter in his village, he was outshone amongst wooers who proposed to Eliza. Although Ivan won glorious victory, he wasn't gotten married to Eliza. Because he was very poor and Eliza's father postponed to hold their weeding . The father of Eliza casted his money on the floor and told to Ivan

-Go and never return if you are still poor. For my daughter's imploring, I give you a year to get rich yourself. In a year, if you are not rich, my daughter will marry with another man, of course a rich man.

Ivan went off and passed a long way but he didn't know how to be rich. The more he went the more he was tired. But he couldn't return because he was afraid of seeing Eliza's despair. A long way together with great distress in his heart make him easily exhausted . Coming to near the foot of a mountain, he became ill more and more gravely. Several days passed by, nobody appeared to help him. He though he maybe would be die on a strange ground and the place he laid on after that being his grave. However, still remaining lucky for him, the beautiful Diana found out him when she went to collect firewood for her house. Diana asked her father to bring Ivan to come back her home. Her father help Ivan heal of disease. After recovering, Ivan decided to stay there with them. Ivan and Diana fell in love with each other. Their weeding was hold simple but happy with witness of Diana's father.

A long time after that Diana's father died. Ivan dug up a space of ground to burry him. All of sudden what should he discover but a jar of gold. He was very astonished and happy. He thought himself from now to then, he and his wife did neddn't work hard any more. After funeral of his father in law, he set out to market to sell some piece of gold and buy gifts for his wife who was very sad from her father's death. Ivan accidentally met an old friend at market. He told Ivan that although Eliza's father was greed and mean but she was still single to wait him, her betrothed for return. Ivan listened his heart missed a beat. He began to think of Eliza a lot.

A short time latter, he told his wife he wanted to come back his village. But he didn't want to take his wife to go with him. Diana felt sadness but she didn't tell her husband how she felt. When Ivan had gone off, she silently followed him. While she reach Ivan's village. She heard a rumour that there was the beautiful, rich and loyal Eliza waiting her betrothed in her lovesick for a long time and today she held a feast to welcome him back. Diana just understood the reason why her husband did not want to take her to go with him.

Diana burst out crying on her home way. She become ill more and more gravely while her husband was absent from her home. She died of grief.

When Ivan returned, he seriously sorry to see of his wife's death. She buried her and embrace her grave with unspeakable regret. This evening, he dreamed of Diana returning.

-I re-payed you for all my life- she said- and now I can leave you peacefully.

Ivan didn't understand what his wife said. Therefore his wife told him a story about the tree and the poor Ivan a long long time ago. Before vanishing in the thin air, Diana kissed Ivan the last time and wished him to like happily with Eliza.

Ivan woke up he saw a tree grew on from his wife's grave. From that day to after ever, he took care of the tree carefully. When the tree grew up, it's a wonderful tree. Leave of its was green in the front and was purple in the back. Its flower is white very beautiful.When it reached Vietnam, Vietnamese call it flower of grief (hoa lẻ bạn). Its flower not only decorates but also help people cure for grief due to disease

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