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Some follow their ambitious dreams, some focus on realistic dreams.What do you think?

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Aug 15, 2011   #1
Personally, I believe the ambitious dream is my choice. However, I will break the ambitious dream down to several realistic goals and achieve them step by step.

First of all, following our ambitous dream is your right. Life is short and every life have the right to be brilliant. It is a gift from God that we live in such a free and developed world. So each of us could dream whatever we want. We could dream to be a pilot fllying in the blue sky. We could also dream to rescue some children in Africa, although we are merely children in primary school. We could dream a time-back machine to take us back to the happly old days. Dream is the best thing in the world no matter it is accessable or unrealistic. It brings us the hope, the hope to live with our real soul.

Although ambitious dream is admirable, it is only a dream in the end if we do nothing with it. A dream is meaningless if it is unrealistic. Any ambitous dream consists of different realistic goals. If we want to learing English. We may dream we could communicate with others frequently or give a lecture to thousands of people some day. But it is only a dream if we do not learn from the ABC. Then ABC is the first realistic goal for English learner to achieve. And maybe next realistic goal is to try to speak a word, and then a sentence. I believe all the ambitous or challenging goal can be broken down into smaller realistic goals.

Ultimately, realistic goal is what we are facing, we are following. It is easiest for us to reach on our road to the ambitious dream. We grow up and get stronger with each success. Then we fight for the next new goal. As this step we reach goals one by one. Finally we could achieve our inmost dream. That is the only way how challenging goal would be achieved. However all these realistic goals should be relevent to our challenging dream, otherwise we are on the wrong way.

All in all, we should focus to realistic goals, but do not forget our innermost dream, which is our hope.

Thanks your any advice!

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