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Nowadays food is easier to get and there's avariety of it. Has this change improved your life?

naseernasrati 14 / 33 10  
Nov 9, 2017   #1

food has become easier to prepare these days

It has been always said, "We are working and trying only for living and life is not possible without food". Food is one of three vital things such as: food, water and shelter which are necessary for every one of us to be alive in the world. People are hardly working merely to have a good and comfortable life. Whereas, food is an important part of our life, the way of making it is as well an important part of our life. Nowadays, after big industrial revolutions in the world cooking is as well affected by revolutions and improved. Now it's easier to have a prepared food at any time anywhere than before. In my opinion ease of cooking improved our lives but has some advantages and disadvantages.

First, for those who work and have a lot of responsibilities time is a crucial issue than any other activity during the day even food. Ease of cooking has improved life of those who are busy because they spend less time in providing food and spend more time for their jobs. For example, since I am an engineer I have a lot of responsibilities such as visiting the site and sometimes I am on site while others are eating lunch. I go to my favorite restaurant near my office and eat the lunch. Although ease of cooking is good for those who are busier, they cannot taste the home delicious foods. Ease of cooking is good for some people but they cannot enjoy home foods.

Second, advancement of technology has affected all parts of our life. Ease of cooking is one of those parts, because we have different devices for kitchen and cooking which has helped us to provide foods easier and in more comfortable manner. Nowadays our kitchens are equipped with modern devices such as mixers which help us to cook faster than before. In the cities we have a lot of restaurants which provide different and fast foods in everywhere and every time. All of those are important for every one of us because we are experiencing improved life. But we are going far away from natural taste of foods in our home and cities.

All in one, ease of cooking has improved life of people but in the other side it has affected taste of foods. Ease of cooking is really important for those who don't have much time during the day, but they are becoming far from delicious taste of home foods.

pier 11 / 37 9  
Nov 9, 2017   #2
Hi Nasser, I think you did the same mistake in this essay as I do always when I write an essay. That is, not addressing the prompt. I presume that the prompt want us to take one side and support it accordingly by explaining how this fact improved/degraded your life. However, you discussed the advantage and disadvantages of this change.

I still have the same problem when I encounter new kind of prompts and I don't know what is the right practice for this, except reading others' essays feedback or uploading my essay here and getting exact feedbacks like what dear @Holt provide us(which I did't do it recently).

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